Cocone’s Student Internship Experience: A Place to Come Back to

Hello, my name is M! My name is M., Recruitment and Public Relations, Human Resources Team.
I joined Cocone last October and have been with the company for about six months until this month,
As a student intern, I have been writing articles and posting on social networking sites for HR recruitment and public relations.
I will graduate from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Education this March and will start working next month, so this will be the last time I work at Cocone.
So I would like to write about what I have learned and felt in the past six months.
If you have time, we would be glad if you could read it!

Cocone's Student Internship Experience: A Place to Come Back to

Graduation Ceremony

Getting the word out is hard.
The reason I ended up working at Cocone in the first place was because my part-time job had collapsed due to Corona, so I decided to do a new one,
It was only by chance that I applied.
Therefore, I was not what you would call a conscious college student who came here to intern. …… In addition, my major in college was philosophy of education, an abstract and theoretical field far removed from business, and I began working with the feeling that I could not really be of any use to the company.
But once I actually started, I was allowed to do many of the things I like to do, like writing and designing,
I worked as if it were half a hobby.
But of course, it couldn’t end there…
These are numbers such as PVs, likes, followers, etc.

I originally did English theater in my college club, and at the time I didn’t care about that at all,
We had absolutely no know-how on how to “get the buzz” so to speak.
However, today’s society is overflowing with information. Even if you send out a good product, it does not necessarily mean that it will reach many people,
The number of accesses to the information I have sent out is also not very good.
But after actually working there, I came to feel strongly that Cocone is a really good company and that more people should know about it.
Today, the recruiting team has been strengthened, but when I joined the company, it was a small team with its hands full,
Not much was being done in the way of recruitment publicity.
In order to conduct strategic marketing, which had not been done much at that time, we analyzed past postings and other information by hand, although we were amateurs,
We discussed the target audience and the content of the postings accordingly.
I was trying to be strategic in many ways like that…but it’s hard.
In terms of recruiting Instagram, impressions have improved considerably and followers have increased nearly seven times since I joined the company,
About a ton with my personal account. LOL I didn’t get it to buzz (;;)).
It’s a thin base, but I think it’s at least a base for a buzz, so I’ll leave the rest to my future successor. LOL!
Of course, the purpose is to send out information that will lead to the hiring of good human resources, but it is a mistake to think that it is all about raising numbers, and I felt that Cocone was a company that was aware of this point and valued the essence of the company.

These are numbers such as PVs, likes, followers, etc.

When I was happy to start seeing the effects of Instagram
Then I also realized the importance of word choice in the media.
For example, even the use of a single word, such as “game” or “service,” shows the company’s thinking. I learned that it is important to pay attention to every detail.
Through these jobs, I became interested in marketing and public relations, which I had little interest in during my job search.
I actually had the opportunity to talk with a marketing person from Cocone during the article project I was in charge of ( click here to read the article), and I felt that the power of the media in being able to change the way people look at things is amazing. The power of the media, though, is also that it can distort facts, such as biased reporting, because it is a cutout of information.
I am very grateful to Cocone for giving me these insights that I could not have gained on my own!

Inclusion of all employees
I was mainly involved with employees of the generation of fathers and mothers in the recruitment team, and I rarely had a chance to interact with such a generation away from my friends and seniors with whom I am usually in contact. Even though everyone was busy, they were very attentive to me, and there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere… I felt a sense of being away from the daily routine and a little relaxed, even though I was here for work.
I also learned a lot from the way all the employees were looking at the whole picture and encouraging everyone to work together to make things run smoothly.
In writing articles for the “Cocone Back Office Tour! series, and the hard aspects of Cocone’s work and people in the “Easy Introduction to Cocone” series.

Inclusion of all employees
Inclusion of all employees

To everyone who spoke with us in our “Easy Introduction to Cocone” interview. Thank you for your cooperation!

Comfortable enough to live in
I don’t have to tell you, but the benefits really surprised me.
Like a stylish and delicious meal that is cheaper than the university’s co-op cafeteria, or a box sent to you for Christmas,
I often felt that the company was too good to be true.
When I was job hunting, I didn’t pay much attention to benefits, but I also realized how important they are.
And I have a feeling that no matter what kind of company I work for in the future, I will never find a company with better benefits than Cocone.

We had a lot of cakes as well as food…they were really delicious and I was so happy!
The company has a very homey atmosphere, including such systems and facilities and the atmosphere of the employees, but I felt that everyone worked rationally, without the excessively wet and unproductive practices that are often associated with such a company. This is the way a company should be! I thought to myself as a student.
Then, it was also nice that everyone seemed to have a flat attitude and values regardless of position, gender, or age. When I made a slight mistake in my e-mail etiquette, I was impressed by the way he pointed it out to me, saying, “We don’t care much about that at Cocone, and I’m sure the world as a whole will too.

Not too lukewarm.
I was just impressed by Cocone like this, but if I may be so presumptuous as to mention one thing that I thought would make the company even better, it would be this one thing.
I felt that because I was too comfortable, it might be difficult to develop a mindset of “let’s grow up! I felt that it might be difficult to develop a mindset of “Let’s grow!
I believe there are a number of new businesses in the works at the moment,
Since the majority of past PR materials have also been about transmitting culture, I hope that the business and the educational environment for employees will be brushed up more, so that it can be seen by a wider audience.

Nevertheless, I love the warm atmosphere of Cocone!
The kindness, service spirit, and creativity of our employees have led to the evolution of many things,
It is a really nice company.
Starting next month, I will be in an environment that will help me grow, and although it may be hard, I plan to work hard for about three years.
What the future holds is yet to be seen,
Maybe after you’ve polished yourself off, you can come back to this warm and fuzzy place…
I am a little concerned about this.
It was a very nice time.
Thank you all so much!

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