A hub of communication with the community! Colony-like hills and trees were created in the office!

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A hub of communication with the community! Colony-like hills and trees were created in the office!

A mural of a default colony-style hill, trees, and cherries from “Pokecolo” was recently painted on the main entrance of the Cocone office!
The Chairman and President also performed a ” ceremony to mark the installation of the mural.

…but not the eyes, so that means that our employees, along with Kiwa Engineering, who did the installation, helped with the painting.

Everyone takes a turn, wow, painting…

Pomi, our in-house dog, even helped out a bit!

Completed! A beautiful mural has been created!

Together with the community

It has been eight months since Cocone moved to a new office in Wakabayashi, Sangenjaya. We would like to thank the local community association for all their support during the office move.

Cocone, which is not housed in an office building, intends to “work as if you were living” together with the residents of this area.

In this context, the space in front of the office entrance has served as a point of contact with the community.

There are many people who read the notices for the community that we post regularly, and many people who use the benches because they are in front of the bus stop.

This mural painting was planned to deepen such involvement.
The ” tree ” that I drew this time is the hub of communication in “Pokecolo”.

The mural conveys the atmosphere of Cocone and the hope that this place will also become a base for communication with the local community.
I hope that this place will be more loved by the local people of Sangenjaya…!
By the way, the fruits on the tree can be attached or detached, so we intend to continue to produce a variety of fruits depending on the season. Currently, it is bearing cherries!

It is also a great photo spot for seasonal photos, so Pokecolo fans are welcome to come and take pictures!

In addition, Cocone is attempting to deepen its interaction with the local community.
The 12th anniversary event held in September was supported by stores in the local shopping district.
Also, on a recent Sweets Day, all employees received cakes from a local cake shop…!

Cakes from Patisserie Choucherie in Sangenjaya ✨were very delicious!

In this way, Cocone hopes to continue to connect with the local community and grow together with them.

Thank you for your continued support of Cocone!

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