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Well-being at Cocone

Fostering a Culture of Care,
Empowering Exceptional Cocone Staff,
and Delivering Outstanding Services to Create a Virtuous Cycle with Our Valued Customers. At Cocone, we are committed to fostering a “caring” company culture that prioritizes the well-being of our staff and creates a fulfilling work environment.

We aim to attract “exceptional” individuals who appreciate the spirit of mutual support and enjoy personal development.

Together, as a united team, we strive to deliver “outstanding” services that bring warmth, comfort, and enjoyment to our “valued” customers.

We establish an enduring virtuous cycle where customers’ positive experiences drive our ongoing success and growth as a caring company culture and team at Cocone.

Since our foundation,
Cocone has always aimed to prioritize the well-being of our employees,
focusing on aspects such as “Rewards,” “Satisfaction,” “Health,” and “Time.”

We are committed to ensuring the happiness of each and every employee by actively contributing in these four areas and enhancing their overall well-being.

We firmly believe that providing high-quality services
to our customers begins with nurturing a positive work environment.

Over the past decade,
we have developed a range of facilities and systems,
including an in-house fitness gym and a company cafeteria.

We consider
it our responsibility as a company to strive for the well-being
of all our employees and their families.

━━ About Well-being

The concept of well-being, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), encompasses being in a state of good physical, mental, and social condition. “Happiness” extends beyond mere physical health and includes the pursuit of emotional and social fulfillment. This concept has become integral in the management of companies that prioritize the well-being of their employees.

  • Flex Work System

    Flex Work System Decide Your Own Work Style

    Cocone has adopted a Flex Work System, which serves as its unique approach to improving productivity and creating value. Utilizing this system effectively allows employees to reduce stress, enhance work-life balance, improve their work style, and experience a greater sense of satisfaction.

    ◇ Core Hours
    11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (including an hour break)
    ◇ Flexible Time
    7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Company Cafeteria/Café/Bar

    Company Cafeteria, Café & Bar Dedicated chefs, who are also Cocone employees, provide free lunches every day.

    Authentic coffee prepared by a baristas and drinks from the juice bar are also complimentary. Our bar is open in the evenings and serves alcoholic beverages, helping to foster a sense of community spirit within the company.

  • Gym/Massage

    Gym & Massage Personal training with dedicated trainers

    The company provides a gym and massage rooms with dedicated trainers and practitioners available virtually full-time.
    Cardio machines and weights are available for free use. Our studio also offers personal training, yoga and boxing lessons (some require payment).
    We also offer massages, including oil massage and acupuncture, at reasonable prices, allowing for tailored treatments based on individual conditions.

  • Childcare Free Time System

    Childcare Free Time System Shorter work hours, same pay

    We strive to enable employees to find a happy balance between childcare and work. To support this, we have implemented the Free Time system, which allows employees to take time off on a monthly basis. The number of work days in a month multiplied by one hour can be freely used as paid time for childcare purposes. Employees have the flexibility to choose whether to work one hour less each day or accumulate their free time for later use.

    ◇ Examples of use
    For instance, if an employee starts work at 9:00 a.m. and finishes at 5:00 p.m., the actual working hours would amount to 7 hours. However, if the 1-hour Free Time System is utilized, the actual working hours would be considered as 8 hours.
    The use of Free Time does not have any negative impact on salary. We strive to provide an environment where employees can focus on their work and childcare with ease and comfort.

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  • Special Five Year Vacation System

    Five-Year Completion Special Vacation System A special vacation of up to 30 days to express our appreciation

    This leave is designed to recognize the past contributions of employees and serve as a rejuvenating opportunity for their body and mind. It aims to provide a creative break and re-energize them for their future endeavors in life and work.
    30 days of special vacation are granted for every five consecutive years of service without temporary retirement.

    ◇ Three Ways to Use the Vacation

Other Systems

  • Free comprehensive medical check-ups
    Free comprehensive medical check-ups
  • Flu shots
  • Japanese courses for foreign employees
    Japanese courses
    for foreign employees
  • Discounted monthly tuition fees for Mirai Kindergarten
    Discounted monthly tuition fees
    for Mirai Kindergarten
  • Provision of one Happy Hacking Keyboard or Realforce keyboard
    Provision of one Happy Hacking Keyboard
    or Realforce keyboard

※”Keyboard Provision” only applicable for engineers

Office Information

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HR System (Employee Review)

Our HR system is comprised of three elements: the “Grade System,” “Evaluation System,” and “Reward System” based on Cocone’s “calling” and “lifestyle.”

  • Grade System

    The grade system is defined by expected contributions in a certain role, stages of development, and skill measurements.

  • Evaluation System

    Twice a year, evaluations are conducted to assess self-growth and contribution to the company, business, and team. These evaluations are based on grade definitions that are standardized across the entire company, as well as job-specific definitions.
    Salaries are revised annually, taking into account company performance and employee evaluations.

  • Reward System

    To prioritize the happiness and health of our employees, we have implemented a comprehensive annual salary system that includes a base salary, a deemed overtime allowance, and various bonuses based on performance.

With our HR system, we capture employee contributions in their various roles and aim for the system to facilitate employee growth in sync with company development.

Frequently Asked Questions

*As of December 2023

Q. How many employees work at Cocone?

As a group, we have 1,058 employees.
In our Tokyo office, 46% are designers and 23% are in development.

Also, as 57% of our employees are female, we have implemented initiatives to improve Cocone’s friendly work environment.

Q. What’s the average age of your employees?

33 years old.

Q. What percentage of employees are foreign nationals?

14% of Tokyo Office employees are foreign nationals.
We have staff from over 10 countries and regions, including South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, and France.
We provide Visa obtainment and renewal support and have a support structure in place for our foreign national employees.

Q. Can employees do side jobs?

Side jobs are not allowed in principle.

Q. Is remote working allowed?

It is possible if various conditions are met.

Q. Are there bonuses?

Bonuses may be issued depending on company performance (once a year)

Please check out the articles under the “Story” section to hear what our members have to say and to learn more about Cocone’s atmosphere.