65-member self-defense fire brigade conducts disaster drills for all employees.

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65-member self-defense fire brigade conducts disaster drills for all employees.

Cocone conducts annual disaster drills for all employees in May and November.

This is an introduction to the disaster drill, which was conducted for the first time in approximately six months.

1. Shakeout training & safety confirmation system testing

This drill was conducted under the assumption that a major earthquake had occurred at 2:45 p.m. An announcement was made over the building’s public address system, and the shakeout drill began.

*What is Shakeout Training?

A disaster drill that began in the U.S. in 2008 to take the three safety actions “DROP!”, “COVER!”, and “HOLD ON!” on the spot.

(Illustration courtesy of Effective Disaster Management Training and Awareness Advocacy Council)

After the shakeout drill, a test e-mail was sent from the safety confirmation system to all employees, including those who did not come to work that day.

This time, in addition to the usual safety status checks regarding whether or not the respondent and his/her family members were injured, the location of the disaster, whether or not he/she could go to work, and the means of transportation if he/she could go to work, an item was added to confirm participation in the disaster drill. The response rate was 100%.

2. Training by self-defense fire brigade

Cocone does not have a disaster prevention center in the office, but instead has formed its own fire prevention and disaster prevention organization, the ” Self-Defense Fire Brigade,” which plays a central role in directing the company’s evacuation and providing life-saving and first-aid services in the event of a disaster. Under the leadership of the General Affairs Department, there are currently 65 members selected from each department.

This time,

(1) First-aid team: Internal checks and search for those in need of first-aid
(2) Facilities team: Finding damaged areas and fires in the company
Clinic team: First aid practice

We also trained the three groups mentioned above to work on their assigned missions.

An employee was found in the parking lot on the first basement level with a broken leg and assumed unable to walk.

Everyone worked together to put the patients in wheelchairs and practice first aid in the first aid room (coco medical clinic). Some of the group members were able to deal with injuries such as broken bones in the arms and burns on the hands, etc., in different conditions.

The facilities team patrolled the company to check for damage and fires, and also thoroughly checked the disaster reserve warehouse, where three days’ worth of water and food are stored.

3. Evacuation and fire drill with almost all employees to the outdoor plaza

This time, the drill was based on the assumption that ” a fire broke out next to the hot water supply room on the first floor,” and the participants had to evacuate to an outdoor plaza.

The fire started on the entrance side of the building, and almost all employees evacuated from other entrances and exits, including the sub-entrance and emergency stairs.

Under the guidance of the self-defense fire brigade, they acted solemnly so as not to disturb neighbors and passersby.

Employees evacuated from nearby group companies also joined the group.

If a fire broke out in the office, I believe I was able to experience firsthand where to evacuate to in the event of a fire.

Finally, firefighting drills using water extinguishers were conducted by the self-defense fire brigade and those who wished to participate.

Cocone conducts a disaster drill about once every six months. The General Affairs Department and the Fire Defense Team were at the center of the drill, and each employee voluntarily took part in the drill as if it were their own, thereby raising their awareness of disaster prevention.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake (September 1, 1923). We would like to be prepared on a daily basis so that we can promptly take the necessary actions to protect and save precious lives in case of emergency.

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Two instructors from the Setagaya Fire Department were invited to conduct a self-defense fire drill!
Enjoy and be prepared! Cocone’s Disaster Preparedness Drill

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