Preparing while having fun Disaster preparedness training in Cocone

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Shakeout drills (simultaneous disaster drills) were held on the assumption of an earthquake.

To ensure the safety of our employees, Cocone conducts such emergency drills on a regular basis.

We would like to introduce the pattern of the event.

1. Test of in-house broadcasting & safety confirmation system

This drill was conducted under the assumption that a major earthquake had occurred at 11:30 a.m.

An announcement was made over the building’s public address system, and the drill began.

In addition, a test e-mail was sent from the safety confirmation system to all employees, including those working remotely who were unable to come to work and participate in the disaster drill.

The General Affairs Department and the “Self-Defense Fire Brigade,” which will be introduced later, called on all employees and, to our surprise, the response rate for the safety status confirmation (where are you, are you injured, can you go to work, and if so, how to get to work) reached 100%!
Although it was a training exercise, the goal was for all employees to work together, and the start was tense, with movements similar to those that would occur during an actual earthquake.

2. Review disaster prevention bag

At Cocone, one disaster prevention bag is provided for each employee.

The disaster prevention goods inside are
Bottle of mineral water
Portable Toilet
Hot body warmer
Military gloves
Wet wipes
Aluminum sheet
A total of nine types of

We checked to see if any of these items were missing, expired, etc., and replenished them through the concierge (*) to ensure that they would be ready for use in an emergency.

What is *Concierge?
Concierge team of the General Affairs Department. The team is mainly responsible for organizing events, maintaining the company’s internal environment, and resolving issues raised by employees.

3. Drill by self-defense fire brigade

The Wakabayashi office does not have a disaster prevention center. Therefore, in the event of a disaster, someone must take the helm on behalf of the company to ensure the safety of employees.
We have formed a ” self-defense fire brigade ” to steer the process.

In this evacuation drill, the self-defense firefighters are divided into several teams and move around the company to tackle their assigned missions.

Each mission includes checking internal facilities (checking for fire, cracks, broken glass, etc.), first aid (treating injured people in the first aid room), and checking for people in need of first aid (going around the company to see if there are any people in need of first aid).

An employee is found unable to walk on his own due to a broken bone caused by the shaking of a machine at the gym! Assuming that it was ……, everyone worked together to put him in a wheelchair and provide first aid at the first aid room (coco medical clinic).

Employees who actually participated in the event said ” they were glad to see the large number of self-defense firefighters and their active participation in the event.

Many participants also commented that they would like to have a study session to acquire more detailed knowledge ” and that they would like to have more practice in disaster prevention and future drills. The participants also wanted to have a study session to acquire more detailed knowledge.

As a result of each employee’s awareness of disaster prevention, we plan to incorporate these comments and continue to conduct periodic drills for various contingencies.

This was the first disaster drill held in about six months.
While the premise is that training is important to protect lives, it is also important that the content of the training be as enjoyable as possible for all employees to participate.

In these days of anxiety over the frequency of earthquakes, we will continue to do all we can to ensure the safety and security of all employees who work together with us.

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Mana Omura, Team Manager, Concierge Team, General Affairs Department, Interview with SWITCH magazine “Cocone professionals who master the art of support

Interview with SWITCH magazine “Creating a Workplace that Enriches Life” by Shigeyuki Kashiwakuma, General Manager, Corporate Design Division

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