Members of Mizukoshi Shin’s seminar at Kansai University visited our company.

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In August 2023, Professor Shin Mizukoshi, Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University, and 17 third-year seminar students visited Cocone.

Cocone also focuses on activities to nurture the next generation through education, and Professor Mizukoshi is a sub-director of INSTeM, a general incorporated foundation that Cocone had a major role in establishing. This visit to Cocone was timed to coincide with the Mizukoshi Seminar’s Tokyo camp.

First, an introduction of Cocone was given, followed by presentations by two of this year’s new employees. After the presentations, two of this year’s new employees gave their reflections on their own job hunting activities and introduced their work after joining the company.

The story of their job hunting activities based on their strong will and hope to “do what I love for a job” was very helpful to the seminar students who are about to start their job hunting activities in earnest. In response to the employee’s story about how she created a portfolio of her own work to appeal to companies, Professor Mizukoshi said, “We should also create our own portfolios next semester.” After the presentations, there was a lively Q&A session on topics such as Cocone’s lack of rules regarding nail polish and attire, “How can we verbalize what we like?” and “What is rewarding about our work.”

After that, the participants were divided into three groups for a tour of the company. The participants were able to experience the atmosphere where Cocone’s services are actually created and nurtured.

They also toured in-house facilities such as a gym, massage room, and library. They were surprised to see a gym equipped with full-scale training machines in the company.

After the tour of the company, the participants enjoyed lunch at the company cafeteria ” Cocone Deli ” with our employees.

According to Professor Mizukoshi, the seminar participants spent a very meaningful time visiting Cocone as well as a TV station and a news agency, getting a first-hand look at the media industry. And later on, they told us that they had a very meaningful time,

・I thought that by creating a comfortable environment, we could make our imagination more flexible, and fresh and original ideas would fly around the company. I could feel with my whole being how wonderful it is to “do what you love for a living.”
・I was very impressed by the liveliness of all the people working there. The way they confidently recommended Cocone in any question made me think that this is really a wonderful company.
・It was a fascinating company that put the people who work there first. When I was walking around the company, I saw employees talking happily and felt that it was a really comfortable place to work.

and other feedback.

We hope that this visit to Cocone will serve as a good stimulus and food for students’ future university life and research activities in Mizukoshi seminar, as well as a hint when considering their future choices.

■Media Studies, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University

One of the leading educational and research institutions on media, journalism, and communication in western Japan. It offers educational programs in a wide range of fields from video documentaries to online media, emphasizing the linkage between “research” and “practice” and the cycle between “expression” and “analysis.”

KANDAI Media Major Website:

Profile of Professor Shin Mizukoshi

Professor of Media Studies, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University. He works on media theory and media literacy.
He is the author of “The Making of Media: A Dynamic History of American Radio” and “Revised Edition of 21st Century Media Theory.” He is a sub-director of INSTeM (Inter-field Network for Science, Technology and Media Studies), a general foundation that Cocone was deeply involved in establishing.

General Incorporated Foundation INSTeM

“Inter-field Network for Science, Technology and Media Studies”, abbreviated as “INSTEM”, will be established in 2022 as a nexus between academia and journalism, between professional knowledge and everyday knowledge, between professionals and non-professionals, between mass media and social networking sites, and between countries and regions. It will be established in 2022 as a nexus that bridges the gap between academia and journalism, between specialized knowledge and everyday knowledge, between specialists and non-specialists, between mass media and social networking services, and between countries and regions. The nexus will work on the education and dissemination of new literacy in science, technology, and media for adults.

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