Introduction to Easy Cocone 5th Period: Planning

Introduction to Easy Cocone 5th Period: Planning

Hello, this is Momoko, an HR recruiting intern!
Cocone has developed various applications such as ” Pokecolo ” Pokecolo Twin “Hello Sweet Days.
Each is a team effort of various employees in planning, design, and development.
This is a project to introduce the work of Cocone in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
This is the 5th period of ” Easy Introduction to Cocone “.
Previously we have studied development, and now we will learn about planning work!
Ms.Takano is the one who teaches us. She is in her third year with the company and is in charge of planning Pokecolo. Nice to meet you. ♪

What kind of work is planning?

What kind of work is planning?

This job involves thinking about the contents and functions of the services we provide and bringing them to fruition with the involvement of designers and engineers. Planning at Cocone involves not only planning but also directing the actual release of the application, so I am involved in a single project from its conception to its release over a long period of time.

I see! Can you be more specific about how you will shape it?

In order for more customers to enjoy our services, we first set a goal. It is not limited to numerical targets, but for example, “We will increase the number of customers who come to Pokecolo every day to 0.
We then think about how we can satisfy our customers with such events, or how we can improve the existing functions and systems to make them more convenient and enjoyable… and actually consult with the designers and engineers.
We sometimes receive ideas from designers and engineers, but since they are the ones who actually give shape to the plans and specifications, their proposals are based on the customer’s point of view, so we place importance on making proposals from an objective point of view with a goal as the axis from the planning stage.

It seems difficult to come up with a plan… I’m sure it will be difficult to come up with a plan….

Yes, Pokecolo is a service with a long history, so I had an idea! but it often happens that a similar event has already been conducted or considered in the past….
In order to come up with something new and interesting in this context, I think it is important to be aware of everyday life, not just within the framework of games.
For example, you can take a hint when you use an application that is totally different from the avatar service, such as Pokecolo, or when you are shopping in general. Because charging within avatar services is the same thing as our shopping. Recently, you can also do shopping on Instagram, and that’s what we can get from that as well.
We think of Pokecolo not as a game but as a service for communication and self-expression, so we think about how to sell clothes and work with the awareness that we are all creating a single entertainment experience. I think this is what makes Cocone’s avatar service so interesting.

It's important to have a broad perspective.

It is important to have a broad perspective.

What else is difficult in your planning work?

It’s about bringing together designers, engineers, and others in various positions.
I receive many different opinions, and it is difficult to unify them, but I am always aware that I must first accept them and then have a fundamental goal or axis that I want to realize.

What do you find most rewarding?

We start by thinking of a plan and making a proposal, but as we get opinions from other professionals, the plan gets brushed up, and what was only in our minds finally takes shape in the end. It is always very moving to see this happen.
And we appreciate the feedback we get from customers as soon as they are released.

While it is difficult to create something while interacting with a variety of people, it seems to provide a great sense of accomplishment.

I am sure that many readers of this article will think that a job in planning sounds interesting! I’m sure many readers of this article will think that it is interesting to work in the planning field,

What do you think is necessary in a planning position at Cocone?

As I mentioned earlier, the hints for coming up with interesting projects can be found in our daily lives and experiences.
So, it does not necessarily mean that you need to be an exceptional thinker. What is important is to have a broad perspective and to absorb everything around you as you go. It is important to repeatedly accumulate inputs and outputs.
In addition to that, if you have one thing that you can talk about in this field You may be able to come up with ideas that are different from others. Cocone allows its employees to take on many challenges from a young age, so they can make those challenges a reality.
I am also not good at bringing together a diverse group of people, but I value the awareness and openness to accept other people’s opinions first.

All of these attitudes are important… !

Finally, do you have any goals for yourself, Ms. Takano?

The proposals I have made so far have only been on a scale that I can imagine, so I would like to create projects on a larger scale that will exceed our clients’ expectations. That is what I am currently groping for!

It was a job that attracted me, too, when I heard about it!

It was a job that attracted me, too, when I heard about it!

Thank you, Mr. Takano, for your wonderful talk.

Here is a summary of this issue!

In the next issue, we will study the work of CX!

Next time: CX We will study the work of

※This article is machine translated.

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