Employee interview video is now available!

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A video interview with Cocone employees is now available to learn about their reasons for joining Cocone and their career development!

[ Employee Interview ] “Working at Cocone”


In this video, the interviewees include business managers of new projects, designers who have worked on various Cocone titles, as well as new graduates who joined the company in FY2023, and others close to the front lines of the business.

In this video, they talk about “job satisfaction,” “Cocone’s appeal,” and “dreams for the future,” giving you a better understanding of the atmosphere and work style of Cocone members.

A video tour of Cocone’s Tokyo office is also available!

[ Office Tour ] Introducing the Cocone Office for Well-Being


The video introduces not only the office area and meeting rooms, but also the Cocone Deli (company cafeteria), gym and studio, which we have often reported on in our blog.

Please take a look!

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