Easy Introduction to Cocone 2nd Period: Server Development

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Easy Introduction to Cocone 2nd Period: Server Development

Hello, this is Momoko, an HR recruiting intern!
Cocone is developing various applications such as ” Pokecolo ” Pokecolo Twin “Hello Sweet Days”. Each of these apps is the result of the teamwork of various employees in planning, design, development, and other areas.

This is a project to tell you about Cocone’s work, titled
This is the second period of Easy Introduction to Cocone.

In the first period, you had Mr. Hongi, the development CTO, teach us about development.
Let’s review a few things here!

Development is a fundamental role in manufacturing, but within that role there were three additional roles.
The server development you will learn about is one of them, the one on the left in the diagram above.
Mr. S. is the one who will teach me! Best regards!

What is your role in server development?

Server development is the bridge between the services we create and our customers.
Without the server, customers would not be able to access the service, so it is a very important role, and it is like a behind-the-scenes person. I was also involved in stage productions, and in that sense, it is a behind-the-scenes role that supports the actors.

What exactly do you do?

I am developing a server for Pokecolo Twin. In this process, we are creating a friend function, a bulletin board function, and a grab bag function. This is a chargeable event production.

What are some of the fun and difficult aspects of the project?

What I enjoy is being able to deliver what we have made directly to customers with our own hands and knowing that they are enjoying it. I also enjoy the tension of knowing that what we have made will be delivered directly to the customer.
On the other hand, the difficult part is that we have to extract what we need from a huge amount of data. It is hard to answer what a server is, but it is the job of quickly picking out the 10 things we want out of 10 million pieces of data to connect a customer with a service, and passing them on efficiently. It’s difficult to pick out and control what I need from a huge amount of data.

I see, that sounds difficult….

But servers are romantic and absolutely indispensable! What we do is invisible and may seem unobtrusive, but after all, without servers, our services and customers would be isolated. That’s why it’s fun and challenging to do.

Susteki! It is very rewarding to support things from behind the scenes, isn’t it? By the way, how do you complete the hard work you mentioned earlier?

Technology is constantly being updated, and it is great fun to incorporate it into the process to make it more efficient.
There are many functions, but the important thing is efficiency and never taking down the server.
Trends are features such as automatic recovery when down or automatic load adjustment.
The server has a great deal of influence as a behind-the-scenes player, and its high potential in these functional areas makes it a very fulfilling job!

I see that you are able to proceed in an enjoyable and efficient manner depending on various innovations using new technologies! Finally, what kind of person would you like to see join Cocone?

I would like someone who can think in new ways! We need to keep introducing new things as we go along. Also, someone who likes to communicate. We want people who like to talk, as we discuss and understand what the planning and design members want to create!
I could feel your love for server development. Thank you very much!

In the next interview, we will discuss infrastructure development, which is the further foundation of servers!

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