Easy Introduction to Cocone 4th Period: Client Development

Cocone has been developing various application games such as ” Pokecolo “Disney MY LITTLE DOLL,” and “Hello Sweet Days,
Each is a team effort of various employees, including planners, designers, and developers.
This project is designed to convey the work of Cocone in an easy-to-understand manner,
We are now in the fourth period of the Easy Introduction to Cocone.
This is the final installment of our development series. You will learn about client development!
Speaking of clients.

Development Role

Your role in the development was to coordinate the overall look and feel.
Mr. Zhao will be teaching us this time!

Mr. Cho.

What is the role of client development?
Client development is the development that is closest to the customer.
As the final step in development, the product is assembled into a form that the client can directly touch to provide a direct experience. Client development is an important process that embodies Cocone’s services and ideas and creates the “face” of the service. We do not simply introduce images and videos; we value the aspect of the customer’s experience and convenience of use. If we compare it to a “face,” of course parts such as “eyes” and “mouth” are important, but “facial expression” is also an important part. We make sure all of these are in place to create the most natural and beautiful “face” that the customer sees at first.
And in addition to this, it also serves as a link between the customer and the server. I thought the server was the bridge between the customer and the service! I guess some of you are thinking, “But this bridge is actually invisible. But this bridge is actually invisible, and we cannot immediately see who has actually crossed it. But the client development team closest to the customer can see it. So now this customer presses the button to pull the gacha! He/she has crossed the bridge! This is how we communicate to the server.

Close to the customer, that’s the point. I would also like to hear about the specifics of your work!
First, we ask the planner or designer how they would like the image to be displayed on the screen. We then think about what we can do as the client, and work to actually give shape to the image.
Specifically, we want the pictures drawn by the designer to move on the smartphone, the smartphone application, and the web page to appear and react.
Since different models have different button positions and colors, each individual case should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Since this kind of production is done from the customer’s point of view, we sometimes come up with ideas for functions that would be better for the customer’s convenience. We communicate such suggestions to the planning and design staff, and give shape to them through interactive communication.

I see. What do you find interesting about client development?
The results are directly visible. While infrastructure and servers cannot be seen in their actual form, client development allows us to have the same experience as our clients. When you are able to make a design work the way you want it to work with your own hands, you get a great sense of accomplishment. It is an exhilarating feeling, just like when you get the right answer to a math problem.
I love games and want to make them myself! I chose this industry because I loved games and wanted to make them myself, but I lacked the artistic talent to become a designer. So I studied technology and chose the path of a developer. The more I study, the more I can be involved in various services, which is very attractive.

Mr. Cho.

It’s nice to actually see results.
On the other hand, what are the difficulties?

The client is the role closest to the customer, so I have to give my opinion after seeing the service as a user myself, and I sometimes find myself in a position where I am caught between the planning and the customer. However, the speed of decision-making at Kokone is faster than at other companies, and communication between departments is easy, so I am able to communicate directly and quickly with the planning department.
And this is true for development in general, but you need knowledge and a sense of how to apply it well to different situations. Without these two things, you are inefficient when writing code, so you must constantly study and update yourself.

What kind of person is suited for this job?
You must be skilled and flexible. Client development requires interaction with many different types of people to coordinate the work. In such cases, a certain level of skills and experience will facilitate smooth progress, and a flexible mindset is more efficient. It is also important to be willing to learn independently, as technology is updated rapidly in the industry.
In addition, client development is the position closest to the customer, so those who like Kokone’s services may value that perspective.

What are your future goals, Mr. Cho?
First of all, you have to demonstrate the skills you have studied.
Also, since the engineering industry is a rapidly updating technology, I would like to constantly accept new things, update my thinking, and formulate new projects and new content.

Mr. Cho is in his first year with the company. As a senior employee, could you give a message to those who are looking for a job?
I was so nervous during the interview that my mind went blank at times. However, KOKONE is a company that looks at people, so as long as you have confidence and speak your mind well, you will be fine.
The people at Cocone are really nice. The food is good, there is a gym and good facilities…. It’s a great environment to work in. I know you may be anxious, but as long as you have basic knowledge, you will be fine once you join the company and learn a lot! Programming languages are diverse, but the fundamental ideas are generally the same, so once you get used to one type of language, you will be able to learn others smoothly.

Mr. Cho.

Thank you very much, Mr. Cho!
Now, let’s review this one thoroughly… ♪

Introduction to Easy Cocone 4th Period - Summary

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