Easy Introduction to Cocone 3rd Period: Infrastructure Development

Easy Introduction to Cocone 3rd Period: Infrastructure Development

Hello, this is Momoko, an HR recruiting intern!
Cocone is developing various applications such as ” Pokecolo ” Pokecolo Twin “Hello Sweet Days”. Each of these apps is the result of the teamwork of various employees in planning, design, development, and other areas.
This is a project to introduce the work of Cocone in an easy-to-understand way for IT beginners.
This is the third period of ” Easy Introduction to Cocone “.
To begin, let’s review the overall picture of development learned in the first period (link) following the second period!

Development Role

Development is a fundamental role in manufacturing, but within that role there were three additional roles.
Infrastructure development, which you will learn about in this course, is one of them. As shown in the diagram above, this role is to further build on the foundation of server development learned in the second period.
Mr. Nakano will be teaching us!

Mr. Nakano.

What is the role of infrastructure development?
We work to set up the infrastructure necessary for living. What I mean is that we prepare the environment so that the part of the network where the servers are placed can run easily. The servers are the bridge between the service and the customer, but the infrastructure is building that foundation even further.

A further foundation, you mean, a further foundation behind the scenes. Could you be more specific?
Before releasing an application, we prepare the server computer itself and the database for the server to work with. After release, we check the status and support the servers because they can become overloaded if they are accessed too frequently. In other words, we are preventing the bridge from being damaged by too many people on it.

I see! What kind of work are you in charge of, Mr. Nakano?
We look at the infrastructure of the application and the entire company.
As I explained earlier, infrastructure is the work that supports the servers, so we communicate with the server development of each business unit regarding applications. I am involved with a lot of people and work in a fairly broad range of areas.
Before the release of an application, we discuss the need for this if we are going to make it, and how many people will be coming on that day, so we need to increase the number of servers. Even after the release of the app, we find problems and look for ways to improve it, for example, “We need to increase the number of servers because the number of customers has been increasing. We build a foundation so that even if a failure occurs, it will not be fatal.

It is a very important job. What do you find most rewarding about your work?
It is really a part of the foundation, so it is a part that cannot be replaced. It is like preparing the bricks that will be used to build the bridge and the bricks that will be used as materials. It’s challenging because we are the behind-the-scenes force behind the bridges. I enjoy this part of the job because the scope of my influence is large.

Mr. Nakano.

Mr. Nakano, how did you become interested in this job?
When I was a student, I wanted to create games. That fell through, but I became interested in computers just the same. When I built my own PC, I installed Linux* and was shocked. I was impressed by the fact that Linux could be downloaded and controlled simply by typing commands on the screen. From there, I became interested in building infrastructures like infrastructures.
*Linux…An operating system like Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

So this is the perfect job for someone who wants to create things from the ground up.
What kind of people would you like to see join the company, Mr. Nakano?

I would like someone who is not afraid to change and can change constantly. And someone who can move spontaneously.
Infrastructure has often been looking at physical hardware, but it is gradually expanding into software. There are more and more new technologies that look like fun. So I want people to challenge themselves in various ways without fearing change!

Because manufacturing is the foundation of everything, it is important to constantly update it.
Thank you very much, Mr. Nakano!
Now, let’s review infrastructure development again.

Introduction to Easy Cocone 3rd period - Summary
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