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October 27 is Reading Day. After the “Cocone Library,” a place to hone your senses.

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October 27 is “Reading Day,” the first day of “Reading Week,” which runs from October 27 to November 9.

The in-house library space, known as the “Cocone Library,” was renovated in April of this year.

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As the seasons change, the library is evolving and becoming more powerful. Here is a look at what has happened to the “Cocone Library,” a place to hone your senses!

App enables borrowing & returning of items

Utilize the management application when checking in seats on a free-address system. QR codes attached to books with stickers can now be easily checked out & returned by reading the QR code attached to the book.

When the “Cocone Library” was first renewed, users were asked to post a message in the Slack window when borrowing a book, such as “I’m borrowing 00 (the name of the book)! “This made it difficult to accurately count the number of books checked out, but after using the management application, it became easier to do so, and we found that 172 books had been checked out by October 25.

By the way, the most lent book was ” Neko iru! “. Since Cocone has many mom-and-pop employees, many of them borrowed the book to read to their small children. Other popular books included the mystery series ” Strange House ” and business books.

New library section installed

Also in June, a new library corner was installed at the entrance to the employee cafeteria ” Cocone deli ” following the library space on the second floor!

October 27 is Reading Day. After the "Cocone Library," a place to hone your senses.

Since it was placed at the entrance to the cafeteria, where there is a lot of employee traffic, many employees could be seen picking up books that caught their interest while having lunch or using the cafeteria.

The books were placed under the title of “Summer Mystery & Horror Specials” to make visitors feel a little cooler during the hot summer months. The picture book “Hell” was especially popular, and the “Cocone Library” window on Slack was abuzz with employees sharing their thoughts on the book.

The “Summer Mystery & Horror Special” books have now been moved to the “Cocone Library” on the 2nd floor.

Concierge Selection has arrived!

And the reading season has arrived. The library corner at the entrance of ” Cocone deli ” received another shipment of new books at the beginning of October.

This year’s ” Concierge Selection ” was selected based on the results of an employee survey. Twenty-three new books, including books useful for work, books that make you laugh, picture books for adults, and picture books for children, have been added to the collection. Lending rates seem to be strong, especially for business books.

Aiming to create a library that is unique to Cocone

As for the timing of future arrivals, “We hope to replace new books approximately every three months, depending on the season. The next shipment is scheduled to arrive around January of next year, and will include the 2023 Literary Prize winners,” said Ms.Omura and Ms.Furuki of the concierge team.

What is the Concierge Team?
Concierge team of the General Affairs Department. The team is mainly responsible for organizing events, maintaining the company’s internal environment, and resolving issues raised by employees.

In the future, there are plans to put POPs on new arrivals of books, just like in a bookstore.

A new library corner has been set up with easy access to check out & return books. The circle of communication among employees through books is also expanding further.

We would like to promote the creation and operation of a library that is unique to Cocone as a place to refine our sensibilities.

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