Family workplace visit & summer festival! Family Day was held again this year.

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Cocone Family Day was held again this year!

Cocone has been practicing a way of working based on the concept of what is now known as wellbeing in a very natural way since its founding, and this Family Day was a part of that practice.

Each month, Cocone holds seasonal events and decorations. Family Day is one of these events that employees especially look forward to, and it is a large-scale in-house event that takes up the entire office.

The theme of Family Day is a summer festival. Employees, of course, family members and friends are also welcome to participate. In addition to the standard summer festival activities such as Super Ball Scooping and Yo-Yo Fishing, the company cafeteria will offer a variety of food stalls to enjoy the festival atmosphere.

What kind of places do Cocone employees usually work and with what kind of people?

This is an opportunity for family and friends to get to know each other, and at the same time, it is a precious social time for children to enter their parents’ workplaces.

The significance and enjoyment of the event has spread, and this year, more than 300 employees and their families and friends participated. Here is a report on the Family Day, which was a great success with various entertainment and a summer festival menu prepared by the deli’s chefs.

An in-house event attended by more than 300 people, including family members!

The happi coats of the event’s management members are original with Cocone’s logo and characters, prepared for the occasion.

Since the theme of the event is a summer festival, yukata and jinbei are welcome for employees coming to work that day.

Workshops and performances by the clubs will also be held!

One of the highlights of this year’s Family Day was the presentations by the various clubs that were established under the newly introduced club system.

*Please also see this article for more information about the club system!

First up was the Model Club’s ” Cat Painting Workshop “.

The 3D printer outputs a cat figure, which is then painted with the colors and patterns of your choice.

Next was the Table Tennis Club’s ” VR Table Tennis Experience “.

Participants were surprised at how realistic it felt.

In the MAKER club, the “Toy Drone Experience “.

Children of participating employees’ families were fascinated by the toy drone, which they were operating for the first time.

There were also some summer festival staples such as super ball scooping and yo-yo fishing, as well as other entertainment prepared by the general affairs and concierge teams.

Adults and children alike were all serious about the event.

There was also a tattoo sticker corner.

The corner where visitors made plastic key chains with Cocone’s characters was also a big success!

The company cafeteria is also decorated for the summer festival!

The company cafeteria, “Cocone Deli,” had a full staff of chefs who prepared a variety of food items for the event, including takoyaki, yakisoba, and okonomiyaki, all of which are standard fare at summer festivals.

At “Cocone Deli,” a free lunch with a salad bar is usually served daily. The directly employed cooking staff cares for the health of employees as if they were family members, and they can also provide detailed support for each employee, such as taking into consideration allergies and religious restrictions. We hope that we were able to convey this warm atmosphere to the families and friends of our employees through the Family Day.

Cocone views the office not only as a place to work, but also as a hub for communication, an environment where people can concentrate on their work, and a place of well-being that fosters physical and mental health.

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