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You can even work in costume!Cocone Halloween was held.

This year, Cocone once again hosted a Halloween event! On this day, you can work in costume; even if you don’t wear a full-fledged costume, there is a dress code of ” black, orange, and purple” to get into the Halloween spirit.

Cocone holds seasonal events and decorations every month, and Cocone Halloween is one of the company events that employees look forward to. Here are some scenes from the day’s events.

Lunch on the terrace because of the nice weather.

You can even work in costume!Cocone Halloween was held.

Employees were also seen enjoying lunch at the employee cafeteria ” Cocone Deli ” in their unique costumes.

The office also has a conference room decorated in a Taisho-roman style, which seemed to create a lot of atmosphere for the photos.

At the photo booth set up at the entrance.

And the juice bar offered pumpkin drinks.

Cocone views the office not only as a place to work, but also as a hub for communication and a place of well-being that fosters physical and mental health, and will continue to expand the gym, cafeteria, and other facilities, and hold company events.

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We are committed to In-house events (Halloween, Family Day, Summer Festival)

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