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Our in-house library has been renewed!

A library space in a corner of the office, commonly known as the “Cocone Library.”

Books of various genres are lined up in the open space, and there are books related to design, development and marketing, as well as picture books and illustrated books.


line-up review

As the number of employees and attendance rates increased, it was necessary to increase the number of seats, so we decided to review the library space that had been installed on the second floor for a long time.


With the renewal as an opportunity, the library was replaced.In order to catch the trend of the world, BEST10 bestsellers for 2022 and 2021 have been added, as well as various genres of illustrated books that remind you of your childhood excitement.


There are also picture books and art collections, and a very colorful library is completed!

communication through books

When you borrow or return a book, just post a few words on the slack.
You can borrow it for up to two weeks.


You can also get reactions to comments you post with various stamps and comments.

In addition, there have been comments like “I’ve always wanted to read!” and communication with members who are not involved in business, such as “Please tell me the books you recommend next time.”

into a sensitivity-enhancing library

I talked to Ms. Omura and Mr. Toyomura of the general affairs department in charge of the Co-Connor Library.

ーA lot of new books have been added in this renewal, but what criteria did you use to select them?

Ms.Toyomura:Up until now, there was a system for purchasing books, but they were arranged according to requests from each department.”When I set up Library this time, I wanted to “”polish my sensibility”” by preparing books in a wide range of fields.”In addition to paperback books, picture books and illustrated books for children who usually don’t have many opportunities to read carefully are added.

ーIt’s been about a month, but how is the reaction of the employees?

Ms.Omura:We have received more feedback than we expected.I’m glad to hear voices such as “I wanted to read it!” and “With this opportunity, reading time has increased!”

ーWhat kind of books are popular?

Ms.Omura:Picture books for children are also popular.There are people who read it with their children at home time, as well as those who read it with adults.
The environment where you can easily read bestsellers is also very pleasing.

How do you want to evolve the Co-Connor Library in the future?

Ms.Omura:From now on, it would be good to include books that can be used casually for language study, such as Korean picture books.


That’s right. I hope we can make it a place that evolves with the flow of the world.It is ideal to add and rearrange recommended books depending on the time of year, just like in a bookstore.
For example, we would like to prepare a book section recommended by our employees so that we can communicate more through books.

The new Cocone Library.

It is expected to communicate with communication.

We will continue to actively incorporate the opinions of our employees and further develop it into our own library.

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