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What is the rate of paid employees and the ratio of foreign employees? The Real Story of Cocone (Frequently Asked Questions Part2)

What is the rate of paid employees and the ratio of foreign employees? The Real Story of Cocone (Frequently Asked Questions Part2)

※This article is machine translated.
This is the second installment of our project to introduce frequently asked questions!

In this issue, we will introduce basic information about Cocone, how it works, application and selection process.
Please take a look at the number of employees, paid staffing rates, and the selection process, which may (or may not) be difficult to ask about before applying for a job.

About Cocone

Q. How many employees work at Cocone?

The total number of employees in the group is 1,094. *As of December 2022
In our Tokyo office, 46% are designers and 23% are in development.
With 57% of our employees being women, we are taking steps to improve the work environment in which our members can work comfortably.
Press Release-Opening a “women’s consultation center” aimed at improving the working environment that makes it easier for women to work

Q. What’s the average age of your employees?

33 years old.

Q. What percentage of employees are foreign nationals?

14% of Tokyo Office employees are foreign nationals.
We have employees from over 10 countries and regions, including South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, and France.
We provide Visa obtainment/renewal support and have a support structure in place for our foreign national employees.

How we work

Q. Can employees do side jobs?

Side jobs are not allowed in principle.

Q. What communication tools do you use?

We use slack and Google Workspace.
In addition to business exchanges on slack, there is also a channel for discussing hobbies and pets, and interactions take place across departments.

Q.What kind of support will I receive after joining the company?

Until the end of the probationary period, the on-site mentor and human resources will accompany you as an onboarding period.
We can also help you understand the company and its services and build relationships with team members.
An orientation is held on the day of hire to explain the facilities and systems.

Q.What are your working hours?

A flex system will be used.
This system allows employees to decide their own start and end times and working hours within a predetermined total working hours.
Basic rule
Core time: 11:00-16:00
Flexible hours: 7:00 – 11:00 / 16:00 – 20:00
*Some positions, such as CX, may require shifts or work hours.

Q.What is the average rate of paid leave taken?

The average acquisition rate for FY2022 is 69.7%.
According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s 2022 Comprehensive Survey of Working Conditions, the paid leave rate in 2021 was 58.3%.

Application and Selection

Q.I live overseas, can I still apply?

You may apply.
However, after employment, the applicant must reside in Japan at the time of employment.
(The same applies if you are hired as a full remote worker)

Q.How long does it take from application to employment?

As a general guideline, please allow approximately one month.
It may take 1.5 to 2 months depending on the selection process.

Q.What is the selection process from application to employment?

Application ⇒ Document screening ⇒ Interview (1~3 times) ⇒ Offer
*Online coding tests and aptitude tests may be conducted for some positions.

Q.What is the format of the interview?

First round interviews will be conducted online and second round interviews will be conducted in person.
*Format, number of times, steps, etc. may vary depending on the selection process, from the first interview to a visit to our office, etc.

We introduced basic information about Cocone, its working style and selection process.
We also have board member interviews and articles introducing our newly launched services, so please feel free to contact us,
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