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Cocone Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Cocone Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about Cocone’s working style and systems.
In this issue, we will introduce our extensive in-house facilities and personnel systems, such as evaluations, which often surprise people during company tours before joining the company.

Well-being Edition

Q. Please tell me about lunch.

Our resident chef provides a nutritionally balanced lunch.
There is no charge for full-time, contract, and part-time employees.

Welfare section

The cafeteria also has coco cafe, where baristas brew authentic coffee.
In addition, “”juice bar” with a different menu every day.
(Free of charge, of course!)

Welfare section
Welfare section

It is a place where employees can take a break over coffee or juice and communicate casually with each other.

Q.Do you have a system to support childbirth and childcare?

In addition to the maternity and paternity leave system, there is the childcare free time system.
Basically, childcare free time is available after the first year of employment, but may be used from the first year depending on circumstances.
Many employees cherish their time with their families by working remotely and utilizing ” free time, ” and the return-to-work rate after childcare leave is almost 100%.
Please also see this article for more information on childcare free time.⇒See here

Q.Please tell me about your gym/massage.

The company has a gym and massage rooms with virtually full-time dedicated trainers and practitioners.


Welfare section

Free use of cardio machines and free weights.
Personal training, yoga, and boxing lessons are also available at the attached studio (some for a fee).
There are also programs such as K-POP dance lessons, Pilates, and meditation yoga that even those who are not good at exercise can easily participate in.


Welfare section

Oil massage, acupuncture, and other treatments tailored to individual conditions are available at low cost.

personnel system

Q.What is your evaluation and salary?

Twice a year, self-growth and contribution to the company, business, and team are evaluated based on grade definitions that are common to the whole company and job-specific definitions.
Salaries are revised annually based on company performance and employee evaluations.
⇒For details on personnel system, evaluation system, etc., click here.

Q.Is there a system to promote part-time or contract employees to full-time employees?

For those who wish to change their employment status from contract or part-time employee to full-time (or contract) employee, we offer a ” employee challenge ” twice a year.
Entry can be made after at least 6 months of service, and application screening and interviews will be conducted to determine acceptance or rejection.

Q.Do you offer retirement benefits?

No, there is not.

Q. Are there bonuses?

Bonuses are issued depending on company performance (once a year)

Frequently Asked Questions Part 1.

It is reviewed on a daily basis, leading to the creation of a comfortable working environment, revitalization of internal communication, and the effect of refreshment during work.
If you are at all interested, please take a look at the article on the three web businesses developed by the Cocone Group.⇒Click here to read the article.

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