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Exhibiting at Japan’s Largest Professional Exhibition in the Licensing Industry & About Cocone’s IP Business

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Exhibiting at Japan's Largest Professional Exhibition in the Licensing Industry & About Cocone's IP Business

Cocone exhibited at the13th Licensing Japan, Japan’s largest exhibition specializing in the licensing industry, held at Tokyo Big Sight (June 28-June 30).

The purpose of the event is to further majorize ” Livly Island,” an avatar application for living with magical creatures launched in 2021, and to increase opportunities for future initiatives with the licensees who visit the event.

The booth will also feature a unique feature of the occasion, including the first appearance of the new Mega Pygmy, a species that has been successfully studied by the mysterious “Livly” creatures in “Livly Island”.

We were happy to hear visitors on the street in the venue say, “Oh, it’s Livly,” and even though it was a BtoB event, many people enjoyed taking commemorative photos with Mega Pygmy.

Cocone’s IP Expansion

By the way, Cocone is developing a variety of app services, including “Pokecolo,” which celebrates its 12th anniversary this year, and “Livly Island,” which is loved by 5 million people around the world, and our planners, designers, and engineers are working daily on development to improve the value of the customer experience within the app.

At the same time, we are also developing a variety of IP-based activities to allow users to enjoy the world of each title “outside of the app”.

In the past, “Pokecolo” collaborated with the “33rd Mynavi Tokyo Girls collection 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER” (details) to hold the world’s first online fashion show with real models and Pokecolo avatars walking the runway.

Livly Island also opened a limited-time store ( details ) with “Sweets Paradise” (the number of stores was later expanded due to popular demand), sold limited-edition goods at “Village Vanguard” ( details), and developed capsule toys for “Gashapon” ( details ).

The animated film ” Cats Atelier the Cat: Meow Miserable” collaborated with the “Van Gogh Exhibition” held at the Ueno Royal Museum ( see details). The main character “Niagho” was a supporter of the exhibition.

▲Image of the announcement of “Van Gogh Exhibition” at the time of collaboration

Character Department” to promote IP business

Leading the way in this broad range of Cocone’s IP business is the Character Department, which aims to “nurture Cocone’s IP, make it more major, and build a fan base.

The Character Department also played a central role in the “Licensing Japan” exhibit introduced at the beginning of this report. To create a variety of “Livly Island” developments, the booth, pamphlet production, and operational flow were carefully crafted down to the smallest detail.

Surrounded by Livly’s rich individuality, the booth displayed a comprehensive look at the company’s past efforts, with all of its past products and campaign giveaway goods on display. In addition, the aforementioned “Mega Pygmy” made an appearance, which drew much more attention. core/paragraph

As a result, not only domestic companies but also overseas companies frequently visited our booth and we were able to talk with them globally.

We were able to make connections with many companies and were confident that we were able to make various strategic moves.

Please look forward and pay attention to the future development of Cocone Service, including Livly Island.

Aim to work with outside companies and partners so that “1+1” becomes 3 or even 5.

Finally, we asked about the Character Department’s thoughts on the IP business.

For example, I would like to create more and more experiences that customers can get by visiting real places, such as goods or collaboration cafes, or by combining things they like with each other to make them excited.

New people will see it, and even if they don’t know about the application, they will wonder what this cute thing is. If the number of such people increases, Kokone’s IP will become more major, and customers will become “fans” of the company.

We also believe that it is meaningful for both parties to work with outside companies in which “1 + 1” becomes 3 or even 5.

We respect each other and do what the customer wants at the timing we both think is best.

I would like to continue to develop projects while thinking about who will be pleased and why it is necessary to do it now, rather than about where to work with.

▲Business cards produced for the “Licensing Japan” exhibition

We will continue to place emphasis on creating services that value “sensitivity” and strive to provide a better experience for our customers, aiming for the day when they can encounter the appeal of Cocone everywhere and in every situation, including in the city, on TV, and at events.

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