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AKB48 Team TP members talk about their love for Lively! Cocone’s “Livly Island” will be exhibited at one of the biggest game shows in Taiwan in summer!

Cocone’s “Livly Island” was exhibited at the Summer Game Show ” held July 14-16 in Taipei.

The “Summer Game Show” is one of the two major summer game shows in Taiwan, attracting many women and families because of the anime and board game exhibits, and a total of 150,000 people visited this year’s event.

AKB48 Team TP members talk about their love for Lively! Cocone's "Livly Island" will be exhibited at one of the biggest game shows in Taiwan in summer!

Global Expansion of the Cocone Group

Livly Island, which will be exhibited in the booth at ” “Summer Game Show”, is an avatar application where you live with mysterious creature ” Livly”, and was launched in Japan in 2021. It quickly became a hot topic in various fields and won the grand prize in the ” Entertainment Category ” of the Google Play Best of 2021 that year.
The purpose of our participation in the Taiwan Game Show is to gain further recognition of ” Livly Island ” in the Asian region.

In addition, Cocone aims to globalize its business throughout the group.

We are also expanding into languages other than Japanese with services such as ” Hello Sweet Days ” and “Disney’s MY LITTLE DOLL ” and we have been operating and developing services for the three web businesses we are promoting from 2022, targeting overseas markets from the very beginning of the planning stage.

As part of our global development efforts, we have prepared a variety of plans for visitors to learn about and enjoy ” Livly Island “.

In addition to a booth lined with large monitors displaying a variety of goods and pop-up displays, there was also a space set up for visitors who had not yet played ” Livly Island ” to try out the game. Raffle tickets for limited-edition goods were also distributed to visitors who completed an app-linked quest that was available only at the event.

A splendid guest appeared at the ” Livly Island ” booth!

In addition, ” Hsuan ” a well-known creator/actress from Taiwan who is also well-known in Japan, appeared at the booth as a guest on the first day as a person to promote “Livly Island” charms to visitors.
Hsuan’s first fan meeting also served as a form of interaction through ” Livly Island ” with the visitors.

The next guests on the second and third days were AKB48 team TP, the original overseas sister group of AKB48 and based in Taipei.

The eight members who came to the event were Ruka Miyata, Yu-Ching Liu, Tzu-Yi Pan, Ya-En Tsai, Yi-Jou Tsai, LI, JIA-LI, Yu-Hsin Lin, and Yi-Lin Huang. Ms.Ya-En Tsai, in particular, has been a big fan of ” Livly Island ” for a long time! She was more enthusiastic than others about the choice for this year’s project.

AKB48 team TP gave a live performance on a large stage and introduced and promoted Lively. They also served as emcees for the booth’s raffle and quiz competition. They had a lot of fun and attracted the attention of the entire audience.

Widely reported in Taiwanese news media

中でもAKB48 Team TPのメンバーが『リヴリーアイランド』を紹介したこともあり、注目アプリとして複数の台湾ニュースメディアで取り上げられました。

From Asia to the World

We have been offering the fun of ” Livly Island ” to people in Taiwan and other Asian countries for about a year and a half since the traditional Chinese version was launched, and we are confident that our exhibit this summer will attract even more people to Lively.

Cocone will continue to offer its services to the world and provide opportunities for more customers to enjoy them.

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