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I went into the Livly x SWEETS PARADISE collaboration café!

Hello, this is Haru, a recruiting and public relations intern!

I hope everyone is enjoying Livly’s 20th anniversary year!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ” LivlyIsland,” a collaboration café “Livly Island 20th ANNIVERSARY CAFE in Sweets Paradaise” is currently being held in Tokyo (Harajuku) andHyogo (Sannomiya)!

As a fan of Livly for 10 years, I was thrilled to go undercover the other day at ……!

Pygmies sleeping peacefully in their egg cushions are so cute, I want to eat them (which is why I ate them: ……).

The ladybugs on the mini-tomatoes are bright and lovely!

This “Archetype First Transformation Float” is a customer-designed menu item!
Pour the green makeover drug Neo Vermin (melon soda) into a wagashi archetype. ……?

The archetype has been transformed into a fluffy Kemari!

The taste was also very good, with a refreshing sweetness despite the combination of cotton candy + melon soda + ice cream!

All the menus were cute & delicious and filled my heart and stomach with happiness!

The ” Livly Island Sweets Paradise” collaboration will run through Sunday, July 24.
Everyone is welcome to stop by and visit us at ……!

Let’s look forward to the remaining eight Livly 20 celebration plans and still enjoy this memorable year to the fullest!

Other menus and original goods sold at the store, etc.
Details of the collaboration café can be found here!

In addition, the Livly Reboot Institute is currently recruiting new researchers.
If you are a Livly lover or interested in Livry research, please also take a peek at the URL below!

※This article is machine translated.

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