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Livly Island×Village Vanguard launches complete ordering of limited-edition merchandise!

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Livly Island, an avatar app loved by more than 3 million customers worldwide, provided by Kokone, is pleased to announce that it will be developing a limited edition line of goods that will be available for complete order at Village Vanguard, a bookstore where you can play, and will begin accepting orders at the Village Vanguard online store on Friday, June 16, 2023.

Livly Island×Village Vanguard launches complete ordering of limited-edition merchandise!

The series includes 40 types in total, including an acrylic stand as big as a newspaper and a cushion that can be to recreate “/pair”!

Livly Island is an avatar application that lets you live with Livly, a mysterious creature born from alchemy, on a small island the size of a boxed garden. The worldview and character design, which is not only cute but also a bit tongue-in-cheek, are supported mainly by women, and the app has received high acclaim from many quarters, including a Google Play Best of 2021 Entertainment Grand Prize.

This project with Village Vanguard was made possible by a Village Vanguard store employee who loves Livly Island. The limited-edition goods that will be the centerpiece of the order are die-cut cushions (10 types) that can reproduce the “/pair” pose of Hom (avatar in the app) holding Livly tightly, and Big Livly Stands (10 types) that have an outstanding presence, measuring 46.3 cm x 58.9 cm (maximum size). A total of 40 types, including original stickers and can badges, will be available, along with affectionate catchphrases by Village Vanguard store employees.

<Village Vanguard clerk’s comment>
Dear owners, Kon! /w We are pleased to announce the release of our long-awaited limited edition goods /shock
We want people to feel more familiar with Livly! We are sure that all owners will be pleased with the large Axta, which was created with the great desire to “feel LIVELY closer to home!
Anyway, I’m so happy to see the goods with Livly Island, it’s like /big love!

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Livly Island×Village Vanguard Project Overview

[Order Period ] June 16(Fri.) 18:00 – July 9(Sun.) 23:59
[Expected arrival date ] Late August to early September
[Stores that carry the product ] Village Vanguard Online Store( )

<Product Details> *All prices include tax.

Stickers: 10 kinds in total [550 yen each]

  • Pygmy
  • Lovox
  • Watame
  • Neo pygmy
  • Tobine
  • gremlin
  • Cornu Lepus
  • Tsunoriml
  • Hanamaki
  • furdot

Sticker Complete Set [5,500 yen]

Can badges: Total 10 kinds [550 yen each]

  • Pygmy P-2
  • Neo pygmy P-2
  • Tobine P-2
  • Tsunoriml P-1
  • Cornu Leps P-3
  • Lovox P-2
  • Watame P-3
  • Gremlin P-1
  • Hanamaki P-1
  • Furdot P-2

Can badge complete set [5,500 yen].

Die-cut cushion: 10 types [6,800 yen each]

  • Neo pygmy (approx. W:346mm x H:400mm)
  • Pygmy (approx. W:340mm x H:400mm)
  • Watame (approx. W:253mm x H:400mm)
  • Lovox (approx. W:305mm x H:400mm)
  • Tobine (approx. W:250mm x H:400mm)
  • Furdot (approx. W:277mm x H:400mm)
  • Cornuleps (approx. W:312mm x H:400mm)
  • Gremlin (approx. W:400mm x H:383mm)
  • Tsunoriml (approx. W:310mm x H:400mm)
  • Hanamaki (approx. W:354mm x H:400mm)

Big Livly stand, 10 kinds in total [15,000 yen each]

  • Pygmy (W:445mm x H:570mm)
  • Watame (W:463mm x H:589mm)
  • Cornu Lepus (W:265mm x H:596mm)
  • Tsunoriml (W:513mm x H:497mm)
  • Furdot (W:336mm x H:524mm)
  • Momos (W:523mm x H:500mm)
  • Monocorn (W:515mm x H:495mm)
  • Mushicho (W:437mm×H:558mm)
  • Ogre (W:473mm x H:558mm)
  • Plum pea (W:474mm×H:500mm)

<Product List Image>

About Livly Island

This is a communication service for raising mysterious pets born from alchemy called Livly. You can enjoy living with your Livly on a small island, taking care of your Livly by communicating with your alter ego, Hom, enjoying changing Hom’s clothes, growing trees that grow on the island and harvesting nuts to make a transformation medicine to another Livly species, and so on.

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Compatible OS: iOS 11.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android OS 6.0 or later *Some devices may not be compatible.
Genre : Social Network
Price : Basically free (some items are charged)
Languages supported: English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional)

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