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Toward the fusion of real and virtual: Interview with Pokecolo x TGC2021!

Toward the fusion of real and virtual: Interview with Pokecolo x TGC2021!

Hello, this is Haru, a recruiting and public relations intern!
Suddenly, are you playing ” Pokecolo “?
I’m happy every day to receive the coveted login bonus from Pokecolo, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this past September.
The 10th anniversary commemorative project was not limited to the app; on September 4, a collaboration stage between ” Pokecolo” & “Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 (TGC2021)” was held online!
What a surprise, it is the world’s first attempt as a fashion show.
“World’s first”… ……! Sounds like a grand word even to hear it!
New technologies such as projection mapping and AR have become commonplace in the world today, but you certainly may never have imagined the sight of models and avatars walking down a runway in matching outfits. The advancement of technology is amazing.
What was the idea behind this fashion show, which is a new initiative in the world?
We asked Mr. Nakano, who is familiar with the ” Pokecolo business and CCP services, for an interview!


Toward the fusion of real and virtual: Interview with Pokecolo x TGC2021!

Q) How did you come up with the idea for this fashion show?

It was a series of coincidences that brought this project to fruition. It was not a project that was conceived and put together from the beginning.
Pokecolo has been collaborating with real brands within the app for about two years, and it was through this connection that the editor of a fashion magazine asked us, “Would you like to participate in TGC? This was the first time I was asked by the editor of a fashion magazine to participate in TGC.
TGC is an event that plays a central role in the fashion world and attracts a lot of attention from young women, so we decided to collaborate with them, thinking that it would be a good promotion and might lead to a step forward in the future.

Q) What exactly do you mean by “a step beyond this”?

Broadly speaking, the goal is to eliminate the boundary between real and virtual fashion.
Although it is touted as a “world first,” virtual singers have been holding live performances for quite some time now, and the collaboration of the real and virtual worlds is no longer that unusual.
However, if we focus on the fashion category, I think it is the first time in the world that real and virtual models (avatars) walked on the runway wearing the exact same matching clothes, which are also sold in the real world and in the virtual world of Pokecolo.
I believe that the fact that this kind of initiative was carried out on the stage of TGC will have a very significant meaning in the future.

Q) Please tell us what you are looking forward to beyond this fashion show and what you would like to achieve!

Through the operation of ” Pokecolo,” I personally feel that the number of customers who find value in what are, in other words, only digital images and data is increasing every year.
In addition, technologies that guarantee the value of digital items, such as NFT (technology that prevents copying and tampering and gives data uniqueness), are advancing rapidly these days, and I am certain that the integration of economic activities in the real and virtual worlds will progress even further in the not-so-distant future. I am sure that in the not-so-distant future, we will see more and more integration of economic activities between the real and virtual worlds.
But whether real or virtual, as long as the object is fashion, its value is not placed on simple convenience or functionality, such as “It’s strong when equipped! but rather, it is the individual’s “sensibility,” the mind that thinks, “This is wonderful! but rather, the individual’s “sensibility,” that is, the mind that thinks, “This is nice!
And it is in times like these that we believe we can make the most of the expertise we have accumulated over the past 10 years in “adding value to ‘kawaii'”.
Our goal is to develop ” Pokecolo into an application that allows users to enjoy fashion in the virtual world as they do in the real world, in an age that will soon be upon us.


How was it? ……!
As for me, during the entire talk, I was a bit giddy, thinking, “This ‘virtual near future’ that we see in cartoons and movies is somehow getting closer than I thought! I was a bit giddy.
With the unchanging “heart” of people at the core, we will create new values for the new era and new world that will eventually come. …… is a very dreamy story, isn’t it?
Although I was only able to explore the shallows this time, I felt that “real and virtual” is a field with tremendous potential, even though there are still many unexplored areas.
The next “world’s first” may be you, who are reading this article now, ……!
With great hope, that’s all for today!
I will be sure to tell you about Cocone’s efforts in the next issue – I’ll be sure to tell you about it in the next issue!

※This article is machine translated.

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