Yo-yo balloons fishing and super ball scooping were very popular among children! Cocone also opened a stall at the summer festival in Wakabayashi, Setagaya Line!

Yo-yo balloons Fishing and Super Ball Scooping were very popular among children! Cocone also opened a stall at the summer festival in Wakabayashi, Setagaya Line!

On July 2, Cocone also participated in the 13th Tanabata Festival and Lottery held in front of Wakabayashi Station on the Tokyu Setagaya Line as a super ball scooping and yo-yo balloon fishing stall!

Cocone has been actively involved in community exchanges, including cleanup activities, since the days when the office was located in Ebisu, and we are pleased to participate in the Wakabayashi Summer Festival, which is being held for the first time in four years.

Wakabayashi Summer Festival a great success

Although the rainy season had not yet ended, the day of the event was blessed with beautiful sunny weather.

Cocone borrowed the storefront of HagiwaraKaen in front of Wakabayashi Station to open a stall.

As the concierge team, led by Omura, was preparing for the opening of the store, many children gathered around the pool, looking very curious and attracted by the many colorful balls and yo-yo balloons floating in the pool.

The concierge team is also in charge of managing the family events that are frequently held within the company. We are accustomed to this kind of planning, and I believe that many children enjoyed the event.

This year’s Wakabayashi Summer Festival was a great success for the community, with refreshments such as cotton candy, a raffle and bingo tournament, as well as “Yosakoi Naruko-tori” and dance performances by local dance teams.

Some of the festival visitors already know Cocone, and we sometimes receive comments such as, “I play with Livly Island every day” or “That’s the company over there”.

The Cocone stall was almost never short of customers, and the yo-yo balloon stock and super ball scooping poi that we had prepared almost ran out, so we hurried to increase production.

The yo-yo balloon fishing was sold out at the end of the day!
The Wakabayashi Summer Festival ended without running out of yo-yo balloons or poi, and about 450 people enjoyed the festival this time. We also gave away original fans to those who played with them at the booth.

Interview with the person in charge of the Wakabayashi Summer Festival

Left: Ms. Mana Omura, Team Manager, Office Concierge Team
Right: Ms. Tomoko Nishiyama, Office Concierge Team

-I think it has been difficult for you to actively interact with the community since you moved to the Wakabayashi office. What have you done in spite of such difficulties?

Omura: In April 2022, we held “Cocone Clean Day,” in which Cocone employees alone clean up the area around the office.

Nishiyama: We try to purchase products for in-house events and necessary goods from Setagaya Ward as much as possible.
In the past, they have used event merchandise as tickets that can be used at nearby restaurants. We also try to purchase local items for internal events and gifts for customers as much as possible.

-Have you ever participated in an event sponsored by the local neighborhood association?

Omura: Last year, I was invited to participate in a local disaster prevention event.
This led us to interact with the Wakabayashi 3-chome neighborhood association, which hosted the event.
Once again, we were invited by the local neighborhood association to participate in the summer festival, saying that it would be a good way to let a wide range of people in the community know about your company, and we decided to open a stall.
The timing was perfect, as the General Affairs Department wants as many local people as possible to know about Cocone.

-What did you feel when you saw the reaction of the customers who actually played the game at the Wakabayashi Summer Festival?

Nishiyama: Since this was the first time the event was held in four years, the enthusiasm of those who attended was very high.
We thought the number of visitors would be much smaller and were worried that we would have too many super balls and yo-yo balloons. In fact, we were very happy to find that there was even a line of customers and no time to take a break.
It was great to be able to communicate directly with the local people, not only when the children were playing, but also when fathers and mothers would say, “I was wondering about that company over there” or when they would say, “Your mother waters your plants every day at Livly Island”.

Omura: I heard that there were inquiries from the local neighborhood association, such as, “Is Cocone opening a store?”
I thought that if they were so interested, it would have been better if we had prepared a flyer introducing the company.

-What would you like to do in the future in terms of community exchange?

Nishiyama: For an event like this festival, I would like to think of a project that would please people more, such as making a super ball with Cocone’s characters on it.

Omura: I hope that we will be invited to other festivals and events in the community, and that we will have more opportunities to make people aware of Cocone.

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