Cocone’s Thoughts for the Next Decade in 2021

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Cocone's Thoughts for the Next Decade in 2021

“Giving form to our sensibility. Bringing Sensibility Closer to Home.”

This is the word that Cocone has adopted as its “calling.
At first glance, it seems obvious,
I don’t know…
What does this term mean?
To give form to something invisible, which is sensibility,
It means making visible what people cannot see.

Things that could not be seen become visible.

It means that light will shine where there used to be darkness.
It means that places you didn’t know existed are expanding.
It means that new perspectives and values will expand.
We deliver the products that we have shaped in this way to the people.

The number of things people can see increases and expands.
More places to live, more places to stay.

If we could do it that way, people and society would be better off,
Maybe just a little bit.
It could be a happy one.

We want to do that kind of work.
The name “Cocone.”

It is made up of Kokoro, Kotoba, and Network.

The invisible mind takes on the form of words, which connect people and expand society.

In fact, it is sometimes the same story of sensitivity.
Determine the Essence
This year marks the 13th year for Cocone,
Always be aware of the changing times and look for problems,
Redefine the contradictions in it,
And now with a different frame of thought.
We have repeatedly searched for solutions.

It has always been important to identify the essence.

Business opportunities are technological and social environment
It is precisely at the border of a major flow of change,
We will continue to hold onto that down the road.
Currently, a world called the Metaverse is being constructed.

The expanding self and the world.

We are truly on the border of a major flow of change.

Cocone has shaped the invisible.
We are about to seize a great opportunity.
People’s happiness and a happy society.

A happy company and happy employees.

To make them come true,
We are not afraid to change and continue to challenge ourselves.

For a happy life.

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