The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone’s Search for Words

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

Hello everyone, I’m Haru, a recruitment promotion intern!
I have only been working at Cocone for a short time, and for the past month or so I have been shown around the office by various people within the company, and I have been sent off to wander around here and there with the words, “Feel free to explore.
One of them (not just “one”, but others to follow!) ) that I am very interested in is ……!
Here it is.

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

Ding! It is a mysterious picture frame with some kind of saying.
No, maybe it doesn’t look so much like a mystery if you just look at this picture. If anything, the problem is the number of them. ……

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

They are dotted all over the first to third floors of the office like this, and there are a lot of them anyway!
As you can see in the picture below, Cocone has many designers in the company to begin with, and the number of frames in the company itself is quite large, including design drawings for ” Pokecolo “Cats Atelier”, etc., but …… that’s a lot of frames! It is a lot. You can see them almost everywhere you walk.

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

Hmmm… it looks important… ……!
Well, well, well.
Anyway, the important thing is not the frame itself. You have to take a good look at what’s inside to get started!
I went around the company to confirm the content of the words on the website, which included Cocone’s “vocation” and “way of life,” as well as the chairman’s words.
You also have passages from Jocko Willink’s book and lyrics from Masashi Sada’s song, “Important People”. All in all, there were nine types.
There does not seem to be any particular uniformity in the location of the quotes themselves. How on earth did these words come to be displayed at ……?

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

So, following up on our previous summer festival report, we spoke with concierge Mr. Furuki again!
It is a basic of detective work to know Who , When, and Why! (?)
According to Furuki, about five years ago, only the Cocone vocation was displayed in a framed display.
Giving form to sensibility. Bringing sensibility closer to you. These are the words of “Sensibility in Form! Of course, these words are still displayed today, and they are the core and highest goal of Cocone.
The reason why the variety of items has grown to what it is today is because the chairman of Cocone said, “Let’s decorate with quotes that resonate with people’s hearts! The reason for the wide variety of quotes is said to be because the chairman of Cocone, Mr. Kozo, wanted to “display quotes that resonate with people’s hearts,” and when the office was relocated to Wakabayashi, quotes from great historical figures were also displayed.
For the past year or so, Ms. Furuki has been taking messages from the General Meeting and stories instead of quotes from great men and women, and has been displaying them in the Coconnex.
Hmmm……… So it started out as the chairman’s idea, and then Ms. Furuki, who took on the mission, added his own ideas and over time changed the shape of the frames, and the result is the frames that are displayed today!
As for the reason for the diversity of quotations, the answer is that we chose the quotations based on what we wanted to convey to all employees in a form that they could see and be aware of. The reason for the diversity of citation sources is that we choose them based on what we want to convey in a way that is visible to all employees, and what we want them to be aware of.
Among them, the special Jocko Willink and Sada Masashi ones were recommended by the chairman this year.
Through these two messages, they wanted to convey to their employees in an eye-catching way the importance of work ethic and self-improvement, and that each one of us is a person who should live a happy and healthy life.


Walking around the company this time, staring at the framed “words” and listening to the background of those “words,” I was struck by the thought, “I guess Cocone is a company that really values words. ……
My final impression is that there is nothing interesting or twisted about it, and as a humanities person, I feel ashamed, but I really genuinely thought so without any room for twists and turns. …… No excuses or anything!

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

In one of nine different frames,

‘The important thing in relationships is to get the word out. It is only when we put words into words that we can connect with our friends. That is the meaning of Cocone’s “Heart, Words, and Network.

The words were.
It is my own imagination, but I believe that this concept is also the root of the reason why so many picture frames containing words are displayed in the company.
Beautiful! or “Thank you,” there is always something that cannot be contained in a simple word, and words have limits that cannot be exceeded. Even so, we need to communicate, to show our feelings in a form, and to have something that can be shared among all of us.
However, it is not enough to just have words. …… No matter how many fine words you say and write down, they will be nothing if they are in limbo and not accompanied by heart and action.
That is why we see words and concrete actions as two sides of the same coin. For example, if we say “health and happiness,” then whether it is a deli or juice bar that offers delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, a gym that provides valuable exercise opportunities, or a vacation system, there are ways to make it a reality. and continuing to move to make it better, it seemed to me that more than anything else, this is proof that Cocone values its words and continues to be sincere in its approach.

The Mystery of the Framed Word: Cocone's Search for Words

I want you to keep the “word” in your mind, where you can see it at any time.
And be sure to “act” on the “words” enough to keep them from being empty.
To borrow again the words of one of the framers,

Our thoughts become our actions, our actions become our culture, and our culture becomes our power.”

I guess you could say that …… is the place to be!
I still don’t fully understand the meaning behind them, but I hope I was able to share with you what I perceived, even if it was only a fragment of it.
It is, after all, a profound subject, so a series of articles exploring the “language of Cocone”? may continue in the future. ……!
We are not sure what we are going to do, but whatever it is, we will be sure to tell you about that and that in the next issue and beyond!

※This article is machine translated.

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