Work experience… I couldn’t do it, but here’s a video.

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Work experience... I couldn't do it, but here's a video.

Have you ever had “work experience” when you were in junior high school?
What is work experience…
The term “work experience” (from the MEXT website) refers to “learning activities in which students experience the realities of occupations and work through working in workplaces such as business establishments and interacting with people who work there.

For several years, Cocone has also been actively accepting junior high school students who wish to gain work experience.
However, with the spread of the new coronavirus in 2020, Cocone, as well as another company, is finding it difficult to experience the virus in a real office setting.

In the midst of all this, we received a letter from a junior high school student in lieu of work experience. The letter said, “I would like to do a survey to find out what kind of work people do at the companies I am interested in.”

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More than 30 Cocone field members responded to the survey!
However, there are still limitations to just answering a written survey compared to having them come to your office and talk to you.
“I sincerely want to answer the dreams of middle school students about their future!”
” I want them to have some kind of reference for their future work!”
With this in mind, we decided to create and send you a video introducing Cocone’s office and the people who work there!

I hope the video will give you a small taste of what Cocone is like and the atmosphere in which we work.
We hope it will help you to expand your dreams and hopes for your future career as an adult!

As an adult, it is easy to forget that the year or years around 、、、、 junior high school were filled to the brim with things that could only be done at that time.

This year 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of Corona.
Students and students continue to face difficulties in performing activities that they should be able to do.
Starting with the entrance ceremony, many schools have had to change or cancel their athletic meets, school excursions, and other activities that they were looking forward to.
We will be very happy if what we can do, such as answering the questionnaires sent this time and helping students enjoy Pokecolo and other services, will be just one of the sparkling memories for students and students.

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