EXPG Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Cocone ” Grand Prize Award: “Yuta Nakatsuka will give you a special time to make your dream come true.

EXPG Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Cocone " Grand Prize Award: "Yuta Nakatsuka will give you a special time to make your dream come true.

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expg Inc., which has produced many LDH artists including EXILE, and Cocone Inc. held a TikTok campaign project in January this year to support young people who have “Dreams “.

Choreographer Mr. Taiga arranged the dance of EXILE “Someday” in a way that anyone can dance easily, and asked the participants to post the dance on TikTok ” hashtag “#pgdanchare23 “. We received many videos of people dancing at various places such as schools, homes, and parks, and it was fun just to watch them! Thank you very much for your participation.

After a strict judging process, the winner of the Grand Prize was Riria (@riiriiiia68 )!

Riria’s dance video was posted to show her cheerful appearance to her friends whom she could no longer see since she moved from Tokyo to Okinawa. The video was posted to show Riria’s cheerful and smiling face dancing on the beach in Okinawa, and many viewers commented warmly, ” Cute! Many viewers commented “Cute!” and “Keep up the good work “

And the grand prize of this project will be a special time for Yuta Nakatsuka of GENERATIONS to make his dream come true.
This time, we, the staff of Cocone, were able to be present at that special time that Riria experienced.

The dream that came true was to be taught how to dance.

On the day of the event, Riria returned to the EXPG STUDIO TOKYO studio for the first time in a while. She seemed a little nervous at first, but after exchanging greetings with Mr. Nakatsuka and starting her one-on-one dance lesson, she gradually began to smile.
Riria quickly understood and became better and better at dancing when Mr. Nakatsuka gave her advice such as, ” You can make your dancing look better if you do this,” or “Let’s move bigger! Riria immediately understood and became more and more proficient at dancing.

Both they seemed to enjoy this special time, taking dance videos and commemorative photos together after the lesson.

The video of this event is available on YouTube, so please check it out!

Finally, we interviewed Riria and her mother!

Comment from Riria’s mother

The reason I took on the “EXPG Dance Challenge 2023” was because I found out about the project and wanted Riria to try something when she turned elementary school age. I asked her if she would like to participate. I was surprised by the number of people who watched and commented on the video. I received a message via DM on TikTok that I had won the grand prize, and Riria and I had to confirm it many times (laughs).

Riria’s comment

I practiced the dance alone. I was happy that so many people watched my video. I was surprised to receive the Grand Prize. Yuta was kind and I was happy to get his autograph. My dream is to be a Girls² in the future.

How was the collaboration between Expg Co., Ltd., which fosters entertainers at EXPG STUDIO, a comprehensive entertainment school, and Cocone aiming to create a digital world where you can express yourself more freely?
We will continue to pursue and improve our entertainment to provide a place where more dreams can come true in the real and digital world.

■Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Cocone



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