Report on Hello Sweet Days 5th Anniversary Sanrio’s first 3 cafes collaborating at the same time!


Hello everyone.
My name is Sake, a recruitment and public relations intern at Cocone.

My guess for the Sanrio character is Cinnamoroll.
Now, you may have noticed that I suddenly started talking about Sanrio.
This time, the theme is Sanrio’s official avatar dress-up application operated by Cocone.
The “TheHello Sweet Days “.

Report on Hello Sweet Days 5th Anniversary Sanrio's first 3 cafes collaborating at the same time!

In this app, you can have fun talking with popular Sanrio characters,
Coordinate your room and clothes with character motif items.
You will enjoy it.
And an event was held to experience the atmosphere of the application in real life as well!

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of ” Hello Sweet Days service, collaboration cafes with “Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe,” “Pom Pom Pringle Cafe,” and “Cinnamoroll Cafe ” were held from August 20 to August 31, 2012.
This is the first time Sanrio has collaborated with three stores at the same time.

During the period, you can enjoy different collaboration drinks at each store,
They can also get limited novelties!
As a Sanrio lover, I can’t keep quiet about this.

The photos do not show a sense of speed at all, though,
I have only enthusiasm.
We have surveyed the collaboration at all three stores and would like to report on the collaboration!
Here you go~!

2. Cinnamoroll Cafe (Shinjuku)

The first place I visited was the Cinnamoroll Cafe in Shinjuku.
The white and blue exterior leads visitors into the world of Cinnamoroll.

The interior of the restaurant is furnished with wood furniture,
Fancy yet refreshing atmosphere.
I took my seat and immediately ordered a collaboration drink.
And then…arrival!

Cinnamoroll Cafe (Shinjuku)

Halo Sweet Milk!

The taste is pleasantly cool and sweet,
The pink and blue shades are very cute!
The ice cream on top was refreshingly sweet and very tasty.

The kawaii and fancy atmosphere of ” Hello Sweet Daysis
It was a drink that could be tasted with cinnamon!

Halo Sweet Milk!

Also, if you present the application’s startup screen
I got a very cute limited edition novelty sticker.
There are six types of stickers in total.
This is the same for all three stores.

3. Pom Pom Pudding Cafe (Harajuku)

Pom Pom Pudding Cafe (Harajuku)

The second store is POMPOMPURIN Cafe in Harajuku!
POMPOMPURIN and friends will greet you at the gate.


The interior of the store is cute and pop like POMPOMPURIN.
The design includes a POMPOMPURIN monument in the center.
And here’s a collaboration drink from the cafe…

Pom Pom "P" Lin's Tropical Float!

Pom Pom “P” Lin’s Tropical Float!
As the name suggests, it has a refreshing and clean tropical taste,
It soothes the body heated by the intense heat. A perfect summer drink.

Pom Pom "P" Lin's Tropical Float!

The “p” written on the ice cream!
The sweetness of the rich ice cream goes perfectly with the refreshing tropical taste.

Pom Pom "P" Lin's Tropical Float!

POMPOMPURIN was smiling at the cute looking drink.

Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe (Yokohama)

Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe (Yokohama)

Finally, we visited Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe in Yokohama.

Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe Yokohama will close on August 31, and will move to Akihabara in September 2022.

Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe

Many Sanrio characters welcome you on the sofa seats. Very lovely ♡♡♡!

PV of ” Hello Sweet Days on the big screen in the center,
The background music in the store will include songs that appear in the app,
Great atmosphere to enjoy the world of ” Hello Sweet Days.

And the Sanrio Characters Hanito Cafe collaboration drink you’re wondering about is…

Pochacco's Banana Latte

Pochacco’s Banana Latte!
It looks just like Pochakko,
Too kawaii to hesitate a little to proceed with the drink….
The sweet banana latte is very delicious with the richness of the cream.
The cookies with the logo printed on them were also very cute!

5. about this collaboration [Interview with ” Hello Sweet Days Division].

Each of the three cafes has its own charm,
All the collaboration drinks were very nice and tasty!
And now we have planned such a wonderful cafe with Sanrio.
For the Hallow Sweet Days Division,
We spoke with them about the collaboration!

Q1. About the collaboration café

Holding of the Collaboration Cafe

We have not held many offline events in the past, so we wanted to take this opportunity of our 5th anniversary to have many people enjoy the event both online and offline! We decided to hold this event because we wanted to take advantage of our 5th anniversary and have as many people as possible enjoy the event both online and offline.

Q2. What are the special points of the collaboration drink?

Special points of the collaboration drink

We asked each café to create a drink with a Hallow Sweet Days feel. The banana latte for Pochacco, who loves banana ice cream , and theHalloween Sweet Milk, which expresses the world as it is… I felt the love forHello Sweet Days Sanrio characters and ” Hello Sweet Days all of these drinks!

The Tropical Float is similar to the “Shuwashuwa Drink with Purunpurun Fruit, ” a drink made with an ingredient called “Purunpurun Fruit” that you can get by helping Pudding-kun in Smile Town.

Sizzling drink with plump fruit

Q3. How was the customer response?

The collaboration drinks and novelties were enjoyed by the residents of ” Hello Sweet Days who actually visited the café, as well as by customers who had not heard of the app. Customers who were unable to visit the site were able to enjoy the same drink items in the app.

Listening to their stories, I realized that Sanrio, the ” Hello Sweet Days division, and everyone at the café had planned this event with love and commitment!

6. Conclusion

So how was it, everyone?
Unfortunately, the collaboration cafe has ended,
The cafe itself is open for business, so if you are interested, everyone is welcome to visit ・・・・


Wait for it: !!!!
Here’s some good news for all of you (this picture has no particular meaning)

Presenting a set of 5 small stickers

The set of five cute little stickers that you can get by showing the app screen will continue to be offered as a gift!

Everyone, hurry to the collaboration cafe~!

Everyone, hurry to the collaboration cafe~!
This image is useful…

Hello Sweet Days

Of course, you can spend time with Sanrio characters at the “Hello Sweet Days too!
We look forward to seeing you soon.
And Cocone, which operates it, is also looking for people to work with!
If you would like to learn more, please visit this site.


Maybe next time I'll go to Sanrio Puroland...

Maybe next time I’ll go to Sanrio Puroland…

Thank you for reading!


※This article is machine translated.

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