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Hello everyone, I’m Haru, a recruitment promotion intern!

When I went outside the other day for the first time in a while, I was shocked to learn for the first time that this year’s cherry blossoms were already in bloom.

Especially just before or just after the new year, time seems to move so fast that I don’t understand it. March is a month as fleeting as the cherry blossoms. ……

Now, the first Cocone employee interview of FY2022 is just the 10th! It’s a very close number!

This time, we talked to wuu, the item designer of ” Pokecolo “!


What is the nature of your work?

I am working on product planning and design for ” Pokecolo “! I am in charge of the overall design of items offered in gachas, events, etc.

In addition, I have also been working as an AD (art director) for the past half year or so, thinking about the theme itself and how to market the gacha. So I feel like I am currently doing both production work and planning work at the same time.

Do AD jobs regularly come around to the designers?

The frequency of AD assignments depends on a person’s aptitude and willingness. It is a really tough job with a lot of work to do, but I can think of everything from the theme to what I want to create, and there is an irresistible appeal in “having professional designers draw down what I have in my head “…… (lol)

It is a great pleasure when the finished product fits the customer’s needs and makes them happy. I feel that this job gives me a different kind of pleasure and enjoyment than when I concentrate on a single point of design.

What is your average daily schedule like?

I tend to start work relatively early, basically coming in at 9:00. My leaving time is usually around 19:00 when I am in charge of AD, but sometimes it is around 16:30 on days when the delivery is completed and nothing else is going on, or around 18:00 when it is production only, and it really varies from day to day because of the flexible work schedule.

A day in the life of an AD in charge

A day in the life of an AD in charge

A day in the case of production only

A day for production only

Wuu-san, you work full remote from Kyoto, your hometown!
Remote work has increased with the Corona Disaster, but I think it is still rare to have full remote work from a remote location. What do you feel are the advantages of this type of work?

The system of working fully remotely was introduced at Cocone after the Corona disaster, but remote work with the regional offices had always existed before that. When I was in the Tokyo office, I also worked with people who worked in remote areas such as Sendai and Seoul, so I moved to this form of work without much discomfort.

I find it a great place to be able to be near family and familiar friends, and to be able to prioritize my personal life while still being able to work as much as ever.

Wuu-san, you work full remote from Kyoto, your hometown!

What are some of the challenges and rewards of your job?

The fact that what I have created actually becomes a product of ” Pokecolo ” is still my greatest motivation. I still feel a sense of wonder when I think that my creations are delivered to millions of customers.

Also, since we disclose the names of our designers, it is very rewarding to receive direct feedback from our customers by name, and sometimes comments such as ” I’m a fan! It is also very rewarding to receive comments such as “I’m a fan!

The hardest part is when I run out of ideas and fall into a slump. When this happens, there is no point in worrying anymore, so I try to actively go out and input my ideas by watching new movies, visiting spots with beautiful nature and scenery as I am interested in them, and so on! However, it is also difficult for me to go out as much as I would like right now because of the Corona disaster. ……

Wuu, what made you decide to join Cocone?

I first heard of Cocone by chance through a friend when I was in college.

However, I was intrigued by the many cute illustrations with a picture book feel in the portfolios of senior designers on the Cocone website. I was intrigued by the many cute illustrations with a picture book feel in the portfolios of senior designers on the Cocone website. I ” “I might be able to make use of my strengths here, ” I applied for the job, and as a result, I was successfully hired!

Wuu, what made you decide to join Cocone?

In what ways do you think you have grown since you joined the company?

First of all, I feel that my drawing skills have improved dramatically! Not only have I simply been able to draw more, but unlike when I was a student, I am drawing things for sale, so I get solid feedback on that, and I am taught practical techniques. ……
But I think the most important thing is that I was able to directly see the data of people who are very good at what they do, and to be in an environment where I could break it down and study it in my own way.

In addition, growth as an AD is not about “completing an item and that’s it! How do you want to make the theme itself, how do you want it to resonate with the customer, how do you want the customer to react to it, and what kind of positive impact can it have on the division and the company “

I feel that I have grown because I have watched the backs of all the seniors whom I respected and admired, because they all had that perspective.

Cocone places great importance on “sensitivity.” What does “sensitivity” mean to you?

I think I feel my “sensitivity” the most when I am surrounded by nature.

When you stand in a place and feel something special and different from the usual breeze or the color of the sky, it is an experience that can only be had by having a “sensitivity”.

Do you have any advice or message for those who are currently considering joining the company?

I am not trying to be biased, but I personally feel that Cocone is a very good company!

Among them, the nice thing is that they are just good people.

When human relations are good, teams run smoothly and people can focus on their work, so the environment is naturally conducive to allowing people to challenge themselves in a variety of ways. In this sense, I would say that Cocone is a company with a rich environment that nurtures people as members of society.

Thank you!

I thought it was wonderful that you answered the question about “sensitivity” with ” the moment when you feel something special and different from the usual breeze or the color of the sky “

I think this is a very ” designer-like ” answer as well as a unique idea of Mr. wuu, who is often inspired by natural objects.

I feel that there are so many different colors depending on the type of work you do, whether you are a designer, an engineer, or a recruiter, as well as an individual.

When you think about it, you realize how much of an impact your work has on the way people think. ……

The next installment of Cocone’s employee interview series will be an interview with a motion designer~!
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