[ Event Report ] Lecture by Mikinori Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of “SO-EN” was held at Cocone.

[ Event Report ] Lecture by Mikinori Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of "So-en" was held at Cocone.

The fashion magazine “SO-EN” (Bunka Publishing Bureau) proposes high-sense styles for core fashion lovers who are not bound by the majors.

Mikinori Kojima, editor-in-chief of the magazine, which is highly supported by designers and others, visited our office and gave a lecture for Cocone members, mainly designers.

Mikinori Kojima, Editor-in-Chief of “SO-EN” Profile

Born in 1968. Born in Gifu Prefecture. Graduated from Senshu University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics. After working as an editorial assistant and writer during his college years, he joined Sekai Bunka Sha in 1992 and was assigned to the “Begin” editorial department. 2004: Appointed editor-in-chief of “Begin” and dramatically increased actual sales. 2009: Appointed editor-in-chief of “MEN’S EX”. 2013: Appointed general manager of publishing division of Bunka Publishing Bureau and editor-in-chief of “Soen”. In October 2013, he was appointed editor-in-chief of “So-en” and head of the publishing division of Bunka Publishing Bureau, where he remains to this day. He is also a judge for the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix and a visiting professor at Akita Public University of Fine Arts and Music from 2021.

About “SO-EN”

Founded in 1936 as a fashion research magazine by Bunka Fashion College Publishing Bureau (now Bunka Publishing Bureau), Bunka Fashion Journal continues to delve into fashion and culture from every angle through photography and design that inspire creativity. 87 years later, the magazine continues to provide information on fashion and culture from every angle. It conveys the power of creation and the dreams and possibilities of fashion and design, and also focuses on discovering and supporting new talent. With content that constantly reflects the times, the magazine continues to offer “memorable pages,” and has gained the support of the younger generation, who value individuality.

This lecture was actually planned after Editor-in-Chief Kojima and Tsuchiya, a member of the Cocone board of directors and a member of the Cocone designer team, got together to discuss a series of articles introducing Cocone’s designers that began this spring in “So-en”.

More than 120 people, mostly members of the design staff, attended the lecture, both offline and online, and listened to Mr. Kojima’s valuable talk after the plan was finalized.

The slides shown on the screen were prepared by Kojima himself. The slides shown on the screen were prepared by Mr. Kojima himself. and “What is design?” and “What is design?” using his own background and the projects he has worked on as examples, and sometimes with a touch of humor.

■ Comments from participating employees

“I found it very helpful to think about how we can lead people to solutions to their problems and issues, and how to make sure they resonate with their specific target audience.”

” I was impressed by the advice you gave to the students to help them face themselves and change their way of thinking.”

“The lecture was a sumptuous one, filled with the thinking necessary for designers. The words of Editor-in-Chief Kojima, a professional in the art of communication, were easy to understand and straight to the point. I think the content resonated with designers in any position, even those who are not designers.”

■ Comments from the project manager

Mariko Sugimoto, Manager of Design, Human Resources Department, Corporate Design Division

-What prompted you to organize the lecture?

During the course of several conversations with Editor-in-Chief Kojima in connection with the “SO-EN” project that began this year, I always felt that he shared the same thoughts as our Director Tsuchiya, and I had a strong desire to bring the two of them together someday.
Sure enough, the two of them had a very lively discussion at the meeting where Tsuchiya was also present, and when Tsuchiya asked, “Would you be interested in giving a lecture at Cocone?” Tsuchiya proposed that Kojima, the editor-in-chief, would be happy to give a lecture at Cocone.

-What were your thoughts in preparing for the lecture?

Editor-in-Chief Kojima has given us his valuable time, including advance preparation of materials, and we wanted to make this lecture a more valuable learning opportunity.
In addition, we decided to swing to “LIVE” this time because we have not been able to hold lectures with outside speakers for the past several years, and because Editor-in-Chief Kojima wants to offer “something with a shorter consumption period than frozen food (in the lectures).”
The lecture was held in the presentation room and streamed online, but we informed the audience in advance that we would not record or archive the streamed video, so that the lecture would be an opportunity to disappoint everyone’s expectations in a good way, as if to say, “If it was so good, I should have gone and listened to it and regretted not listening”. We prepared for the event with the hope that it would be an opportunity to disappoint everyone’s expectations in a good way.

-What was the response from designers to the lecture?

We have received many positive responses that they are very happy to have participated.
As mentioned earlier, the results were more than we had hoped for, as some of the leaders who attended said that they would have loved to have heard from the members who were unable to attend.

-Is there anything you would like to work on with “SO-EN” and Bunka Fashion College in the future?

This year’s “SO-EN” initiative has led to internship opportunities for students from Bunka Fashion College, Bunka Gakuen University, and Bunka Fashion College Chain Schools.
Cocone offers digital fashion, but there is no reason why it cannot have an affinity with real clothes. We hope to work together to expand the possibilities for both.

-Will you continue to hold such lectures in the future?

We would like to implement this program as much as possible. We would like to provide opportunities for our members to be stimulated by listening to what creators in the world think and how they look at trends and fads from different perspectives from those within the company.
As long as you are involved in entertainment, I think it will resonate with both engineers and planners because they share the common denominator of ” manufacturing”. I hope that not only designers will participate.

This in-house lecture project was an asset for Cocone’s designers, who gained a great deal of knowledge.

Cocone will continue to consider making contact with a variety of top creators outside the company, and will actively create opportunities for employee growth in order to provide a better experience for our clients.

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