From no experience to “kawaii” as a job: Item Designer

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Hello, this is Haru, a recruiting and public relations intern!
Somehow it seems like the days have been growing longer all at once these days. It is still as cold as ever, but is it surprisingly getting a little bit closer to spring?
It’s time to get equipped to face the pollen. ……
Now, this article is the sixth in the series of interviews with Cocone employees!
This time we interviewed the item designer, Ms. Sakuma~!

From no experience to "" work: Item Designer

What kind of work do you do?

I create items and work as an AD (Art Director) for Cocone’s services.
Besides creating the world view of the gacha and release theme, the AD is responsible for overall direction, including organizing the production members, working with the engineers on the development part, and deciding how to market the product.

Please tell us about each of the most rewarding and difficult aspects of your job!

I feel that the very fact that my creations reach the customers is what makes it worthwhile. When I create an item, I not only research ” people are looking for, but also pay attention to the seasonality and the order of release. I am very happy when I can convey my ingenuity to customers and when they say, “Yes, that’s what I wanted!
The hardest part is that I have to keep thinking about such innovations. We are constantly exploring new ways to express seasonal events from new angles through trial and error. That is the fun part of this job. ……

Please tell us about each of the most rewarding and difficult aspects of your job!

Ms. Sakuma, why did you join Cocone?

It was the first time I learned about Pokecolo. I had never played many dress-up apps before, but when I saw the items in Pokécoro, I was shocked to see that there was a job where you could make ” cute things! I was shocked and went to …….
Until my previous job, I had worked in customer service and other jobs completely unrelated to design, but I had always loved making and drawing cute things, so I decided to apply to join the company.

What is important to you in your work?

Since many of our employees work remotely due to the Corona disaster, I communicate well with all members of the team as AD and make sure that we can share and coordinate our images of what we want to create within the team.
Communication and atmosphere within the team is very important because it is not something that can be built up by one person.

What is important to you in your work?

Cocone places great importance on “sensitivity.” What does “sensitivity” mean to you, Ms. Sakuma?

Whether it is clothing or anything else, it is the part that one is particular about when choosing something, or how one perceives a certain thing or the world itself. …… I think the unique aspects that can be seen in such things are the crystallization of a person’s sensitivity. I think that the individuality that emerges from such things is the crystallization of a person’s sensibility.

Do you have any advice or message for those who are currently considering joining the company?

Many people at Cocone are very conscious of listening to other people’s ideas and thoughts, so they often ask questions such as, “Wouldn’t it be better if we did this? “Wouldn’t it be great if we had something like this? I am sure that we will be able to create something wonderful together if we have a lot of ideas.
Above all, we would be very happy to work with people who love cute things, have their own unique world view, and have what they want to create in their hearts! We are looking forward to working with you!

Do you have any advice or message for those who are currently considering joining the company?

Thank you!

When I joined Cocone, I had no experience in the industry or in the type of work I was doing, so at first I didn’t know what was right or left, and I was just trying my best to create something. I didn’t know what was right and what was left at first, and I was just trying to create something.
While conducting interviews for this series, I learned about the very diverse backgrounds of each person who works at Cocone.
I think it takes a lot of determination to set out on a new path, and you may have to face many hardships, but there are many things in the world that open up because you didn’t stop because of that ……. I feel this every day when I listen to the stories of various people.
It seems like this is the last installment, but interviews with Cocone employees will continue! 
In the next issue, the seventh in the series, we plan to interview an engineer!
Cocone is looking for people to work with us!
Please also see this site.

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