Pokecolo ” will be introduced on NHK WORLD-JAPAN “Kawaii International “.

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Pokecolo " will be introduced on NHK WORLD-JAPAN "Kawaii International ".

Pokecolo ” will be featured in ” December 11 (Friday) episode #133 ” The Virtual Generation: Part 2″ of ” Kawaii International ” broadcast by NHK WORLD-JAPAN.
Pokecolo ” will be introduced as a virtual world that is expected to continue to develop, as well as a metaverse where fashion and communication can take place.

NHK WORLD-JAPAN is an international broadcasting station operated by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

Broadcast title, date and time

Broadcast Episode: Kawaii International#133 “The Virtual Generation: Part2
This broadcast: Friday, December 11, 9:30, 15:30, 22:30 (28-minute program)
Rebroadcast: Friday, December 25, 9:30, 15:30, 22:30
All the above are Japan time.

■How to watch the broadcast

From Japan, you can watch the live streaming broadcast on NHK WORLD.
NHK World Live streaming page:
Please access the above URL during the broadcast time to watch the program.

■Missed Viewing Service

For about a year after this broadcast, the program website:でオンデマンドサービスの視聴が可能となります.
Click on the purple playback mark in the thumbnail on the program homepage to go to the viewing page.

What is Pokecolo?

” Pokecolo ” is an application that allows you to create your own star by coordinating your character’s clothes and room. You can enjoy communication with your friends through the characters you have created.
In ” Pokecolo “, you can create your own cute character with a lot of personality, dress it up in your favorite fashion, communicate with your like-minded friends, and have a lot of other fun. Even if things don’t go well in your daily life, entering the relaxed world of ” Pokecolo ” is sure to be a relaxing and healing experience! There are also many features to connect with friends, such as the ” BBS ” function to find people with the same interests, and the ” Nagasame no hoshi ” function to encourage each other when you are going through a hard time.

Related URL

Official site of ” Pokecolo “:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:
App store download:
Google play download: https: //

■Application Overview

Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or higher, Android OS 5.0 or higher
Genre: Social network (character dress-up service)
Price: Basically free (some items charged)
Copyright:© cocone corporation.

■About Cocone Corporation

Cocone is a social network-based digital content company that provides services supported by more than 15 million women, including the character dress-up application ” Pokecolo ” for smartphones and the story-based puzzle game ” Cats Atelier.
We have focused on services that have “Character”, “Coordinating” elements, and “Play”, such as “Decorative Social Services” and “Games with Decorative Elements”, and have pioneered this genre, which we define as “CCP (Character Coordinating Play)”. We plan, develop, design, operate and market our services entirely in-house, and we have the world’s top-ranked know-how and achievements in the “CCP” genre.
In April 2017, the company ” opened a preschool ” International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten, which provides a future-oriented education with bilingualism, Montessori, and computer science at its core for the AI age.

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