Pokecolo” and Cocone’s history is published as an article.

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The Marketing Journal (MJ), an open access journal published by the Japan Marketing Association, published an article on the history of “Pokecolo” and Cocone and the future potential of avatar services leading to the Metaverse era.

– Outline of Media coverage

MediaMarketing Journal (Japan Marketing Association)
Paper TitleThe development of the avatar application ” Pokecolo ” – the possibilities of the metaverse -.
authorKosuke Mizukoshi (Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Japan Marketing Association

Cocone Corporation has been providing services for many years, specializing in the creation of character worlds in the digital world known as avatars. We are proud to say that our worldview has earned us the patronage of many customers, and at the same time, we have accumulated the technology and know-how to be a leader in the avatar industry.

In recent years, we have also taken on the challenge of NFTing digital assets, which has been our forte, and building an ecosystem in the metaverse world through research and service development of blockchain technology. We have sold over 9 billion digital assets to date, and with this experience and track record, we will continue to strive to provide a ” Metaverse of Sensitivity ” that connects the two worlds of real and digital.

We would also like to continue to help many researchers in the development of academic research in various fields.

Please continue to keep an eye on our future activities.

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