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Commemorating the 11th anniversary of “Pokecolo,” an oversized digital signage advertisement featuring avatar fashions in local coordinates is unveiled in Shinjuku.

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Cocone Corporation (“Cocone”), a leading Japanese mobile phone company, has launched an oversized digital signage advertisement on its avatar dress-up application “Pokecolo,” loved by more than 20 million customers, at Shinjuku Station Digital Wall from September 19, 2022 (Monday). The design of the ad is based on the avatar images of customers who have coordinated their avatars within the app, and expresses the versatility of the digital world that is the appeal of “Pokecolo.

Digital signage for Pokecolo's 11th anniversary

The design was composed based on avatar fashions solicited from customers!

The ads commemorating the 11th anniversary of “Pokecolo” were previously displayed in Fukuoka (September 7 to 13) and Osaka (September 12 to 18), and this is the third ad to be displayed in Shinjuku Station. The ad design is based on customer avatar photos collected from within the app and on Twitter under the theme of “Local Coordination. The ads feature unique avatar fashions unique to each region, such as Osaka’s coordinated look using items from takoyaki (octopus dumplings). As “Pokecolo” celebrates its 11th anniversary, the entire management team will continue to develop attractive items and a variety of contents to provide new players as well as existing customers with a lot of fun.

<Over-sized digital signage advertisement commemorating the 11th anniversary of “Pokecolo” Outline

[ Posting Period ] September 19 (Mon.) – 25 (Sun.), 2022
[ Place ] Odakyu Shinjuku Station Digital Wall (near the West Exit ticket gates of JR Shinjuku Station)

*Please do not contact the station or station staff.

<Image of oversized ad

– Tokyo (Odakyu Shinjuku Station)

Digital signage ad for Pokecolo's 11th anniversary

About “Pokecolo

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, this avatar dress-up application loved by more than 20 million customers allows users to express themselves in a kawaii world by coordinating fashion with over 70,000 items and decorating their rooms and stars. You can also communicate with your friends, dress up your pets, and hold various events every month.

[Official website]

<Overview of the ” Pokecolo application
Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch / Android 6.0 or later
Genre : Social Network
Price : Basically free (some items charged)
[Copyright] © cocone corporation

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