Engineer Shuichi Kura Message

Engineer Shuichi Kura Message

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What is important to us is to create “what customers want.

We promote both interest in, and study of, cutting-edge technology and its introduction as much as possible.
However, what Cocone’s engineers value above all else is whether or not we can create a service that will be used by our customers.
Cocone has many respected engineers who can lead the service, the company, and the industry with their technology. Of course, I decided to join Cocone because of the appeal of its engineers.
In such a team of engineers at Cocone, what I can be aware of and contribute to is the realization of good service.

In order to realize good service, we must make sure that we do not work hard to create what the customer does not want. To achieve this, we need to prepare our organization, environment, rules, systems, culture, and everything else so that Cocone’s excellent engineers can work hard to create what customers want.
I believe that is my role, my mission, and my strength at the same time.

Cocone’s services are loved by more than 15 million women.
The source of its value is its more than 200 in-house designers.
I have had plenty of experience with the value of engineers make the world. However, design makes the world has never been my experience so far.
Soft, gentle, and kawaii, as depicted by our female designers, will open up the world. As an engineer, I believe in and want to support the realization of such possibilities and worldviews.

In this day and age, technical study can be done anywhere, with anyone, and by oneself. That is why we would like to help many of our members realize their dreams and give them the satisfaction they deserve for investing their time and dreams.
We may not be technology first. Nevertheless, we will go service first to create hits in Japan, in Asia, and globally.
As engineers, we strive to engineer an organization whose primary value is the customer’s use of our services.

Biography of Shuichi Kura

1998 Arctec Corporation (on loan to Hitachi Software Engineering)
2003 Engineering Leader, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
2010 Engineering Manager and Lead Engineer, GREE, Inc.
2015 Joined Cocone Corporation

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