Cocone, through ” Pokecolo “, conducts a donation drive for medical professionals in the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus.

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We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those who have been affected by the new coronavirus infection.

We would also like to express our deepest respect and gratitude to the healthcare workers and many other concerned parties who have been placed in a difficult environment due to the prolonged spread of the infection.

Cocone Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Yosuke Tomita, President), through its ” Pokecolo ” service, is conducting a donation drive for medical professionals who are under severe conditions due to the effects of the recent new coronavirus.

▼ Activities

Items in white coats “” symbol of medical professionals, will be sold in ” Pokecolo ” for a limited time, and the amount of money from each sale will be donated to the Nippon Foundation’s ” LOVE POCKET FUND” (Pocket Fund of Love).

Of the proceeds from the sale of eligible items, the following currencies will be converted into yen and donated by Kokone Corporation.

All proceeds from the use of paid currency* (in-app currency will be converted to yen).

(*) Paid currency is the currency charged by the customer.

Please note that we will not charge any fees or expenses related to this policy.

▼Target Items

Set code including ” White Coat to be any kind of teacher ”

Cocone, through " Pokecolo ", conducts a donation drive for medical professionals in the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus.

▼ Period

Until 23:59 on Sunday, May 10, 2020

▼ Donation Recipients


The collected donations will be given to the above-mentioned fund after the gacha sales period, and will be reported later in ” Pokecolo “.

In addition, during the major holidays, we will also work to educate people about STAY HOME in the application.

<What is ” Pokecolo “? >

” Pokecolo ” is an application that allows you to create your own star by coordinating your character’s clothes and room. You can enjoy communication with your friends through the characters you have created.

In ” Pokecolo,” you can create your own cute character with a lot of personality, dress it up in your favorite fashion, communicate with your like-minded friends, and enjoy it in many other ways. Even if things don’t go well in your daily life, entering the relaxed world of ” Pokecolo ” is sure to be a relaxing and healing experience! There are many features to connect with your friends, such as the ” BBS ” function that allows you to find people with the same interests, and the ” Nagasomo no hoshi ” function that encourages you when you are going through a hard time. If you are tired of being your “outsider self,” why not find a place where you can be your “real self” in ” Pokecolo “?

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