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Celebrating Pokecolo’s 12th Anniversary!” Three original soundtracks featuring popular songs from “Neilo Items” are now available!

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Pokecolo, the avatar application operated by Cocone corporate and loved by 23 million customers, celebrates its 12th anniversary this year. To commemorate this anniversary, we are pleased to announce the simultaneous release of three original soundtracks, “Pokecolo Neilo Collection vol. 4-6,” on September 1, 2023, through music distribution services.

Celebrating the 12th anniversary of the avatar application "Pokecolo"!
Three original soundtracks featuring popular songs from "Neilo Item."
The music distribution service will begin sales today, Friday, September 1!

The previous title was ranked No. 3 in Germany! BGM collection of “Pokecolo” popular overseas as well!

The “Pokecolo Neilo Collection” is a soundtrack that includes music from “Neilo Items,” background music items that can be used to decorate the rooms and colonies where your avatar spends time in “Pokecolo.

All of the songs in this item are original tracks created by our sound production team, and the previous Vol. 3 was ranked No. 3 in sales in the German version of the “iTunes Store (anime category),” a content distribution service, and has been well received by many overseas customers. The album has been well received by our international customers.

This year’s collection of three track collections in one go for the 12th anniversary will offer a total of 134 tracks of Neilo items that have appeared in the app’s gacha since 2019.

Pokecolo” has grown over the past 12 years since its launch in September 2011, with the support of many customers. We will continue to evolve the service by listening to our customers’ opinions, aiming to make it even more enjoyable in the future.

<Outline of “Pokecolo Neiro Collection” >.
[ Release date ] September 1, 2023 (Friday)
Price] [Vol. 4-6] 1,069 yen each / [1 song] 153 yen (tax included)
Contents] [Vol. 4] 63 songs / [Vol. 5] 37 songs / [Vol. 6] 34 songs
[ URL for a list of distribution services ].
 [Vol. 4]
 [Vol. 5]
 [Vol. 6]

Streaming (25 services)
Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, KKBOX, Tower Record Music, Hikari TV Music, LINE MUSIC, YouTube Music, AWA, Uta Pass, J-com Music, Smart Usen, Rakuten music, DEEZER, Play Network, QQ Music, KUGOU, KUWO MUSIC, WeSing, Ultimate Music, NetEase, JOOX, TIDAL, FLO, VIBE

Download (24 services)
iTunes Store, Amazon,, Oricon Music Store, mora, recochoku, d music, Music Store, dhits, OTORAKU, DWANGO JP, animelo mix, K-POP Life, billboard, OTOTOY, mysound, Chaku-Uta, Tencent, QQ Music, KUGOU, KUWO MUSIC, NetEase, JOOX, VIBE

About Pokecolo

This avatar dress-up application, loved by more than 23 million customers and celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, is enjoyed by a wide range of female users from their 20s to 50s, especially teenage schoolgirls. Users can enjoy expressing themselves according to their sensibilities by coordinating their fashion and rooms from a total of over 70,000 items.

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Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch / Android 6.0 or later
Genre : Social Network
Price : Basically free (some items charged)
[Copyright] © cocone corporation

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