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Livly Island,” where people live with mysterious pets born through alchemy, holds a lot of events to celebrate its 2nd anniversary!

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Cocone’s avatar application “Lively Island,” loved by more than 5 million owners worldwide, will hold a series of commemorative events from July 15, 2023 (Sat) to mark the second anniversary of its service.

Livly Island," where people live with mysterious pets born through alchemy, holds a lot of events to celebrate its 2nd anniversary!

There will be many 2nd anniversary events including a luxurious login bonus & commemorative item distribution, CP for illustrations to be displayed in the app, and more!

Livly Island is an avatar application that lets you live with Livly, a mysterious creature born from alchemy. The world view and character design, which is not only cute but also a bit tongue-in-cheek, are supported mainly by women, and the app has received high acclaim from various quarters, including the “Entertainment Category” Grand Prize in the Google Play Best of 2021 Awards.

And now, to express our gratitude to all the owners who support Livly Island, we are launching an exciting second anniversary event.

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<2nd Anniversary Events List>.

① Get a total of 3,000 GP and luxurious items with login bonus! “2nd ANNIVERSARY BONUS”
A special login bonus will be offered every day with luxurious items.

[Period] Until 23:59, July 28(Fri)
[Reward] “Total 3,000 GP” and “Total 10,000 dd ” plus many luxurious items

The Livly list is updated for a limited time only & storage cages are given to all owners!
For a limited time, we will be updating our Livestock List to showcase all of the Neobelmin species*. All owners will receive one storage cage so they can freely choose the Livry of their choice.
Reveries released by June 30, 2023 are eligible.

[Period ] Until 23:59, August 15, (Tuesday)

3) Win a gacha ticket! lottery machine appeared on Sanpo-Street!
A lottery machine will be set up on Saturdays and Sundays only during the 2nd anniversary period on (Ward 6),” where you can gather with other owners and Lively in the app. By tapping on that lottery machine, you can draw a raffle for free once a day and win a replica item with a gacha ticket motif or a real gacha ticket.

[Date] 22 (Sat)July / 23 (Sun)July / 29 (Sat) July / 30 (Sun)August / 5 (Sat)August / 6 (Sun)August / 12 (Sat)August / 13 (Sun)August

4) “New Mahara Shop” ” celebrates its 2nd anniversary! You can choose your favorite item and receive a ” Card “!
All owners who log in during the period will receive one special item ” Card ” to celebrate the second anniversary of New Mahara Shop. When you use the card, you will receive a connection chat from Maharaja, the manager of New Mahara Shop, and you can choose any one of the items of your choice from the gachas on sale.

[Period ] Until 23:59, August 15, (Tuesday)

5) Everyone will receive a limited-edition item for the 2nd anniversary!
One specially designed Hom hat and three hats for Livly will be given to all owners who log in during the period. A special ” 2nd Anniversary Temari Sushi Tub for “Livly” a gorgeous looking special bait suitable for the celebration, can also be obtained by logging in to the application.
*sale for a limited time at the store

[Period ] Until 23:59, August 15,(Tuesday)

6) Limited-time ” Alchemy Room of the ” Planets ” in ” Mahara Bazaar
The shopping event “Mahala Bazaar” will be held at the “Sanpo-Street (12th district)”. A limited number of “Lucky Bags” with items such as Island, Fashion, and Livly Accessory will be sold. The theme of the Lucky Bags is “The Alchemy Room of the Seven Planets,” featuring bags with confirmed SR and no duplicates, as well as special items available for purchase for the first 1 GP. In addition, those who purchase all Lucky Bags will receive a special Tsushin chat from Maharaja, the manager of the “New Mahala Shop”.

[Period] Until 23:59, July 28(Fri)

7) New plastelline species ” Pygmy P-4 “
The nuts harvested from the alchemical tree in the “Alchemical Chamber of the Seven Planets” in the Mahara Bazaar and the Pygmy Neobelmine can be used to produce the “Pygmy P-4” transformation potion.

8) SNS project “2nd Anniversary Illustration Campaign” was held!
To commemorate the 2nd anniversary, we are currently holding a campaign to collect original illustrations from owners under the theme of “Memories “”.

If you post on SNS with “#LivlyAnniversaryFanArt”, 10 of your entries will be displayed on “Sanpo-Street” in the application. Furthermore, the owners whose works are exhibited will receive “5 N-gacha tickets” and “illustration acrylic block” as prizes.

[Period ] Until 23:59, July 21 (Fri)

About Livly Island

This is a communication service for raising mysterious pets born from alchemy called “Livly”. You can enjoy living with Livry on a small island, taking care of Livry by communicating with your alter ego “” enjoying changing Hom’s clothes, growing trees that grow on the island and harvesting nuts to make a transformation medicine to another Livry species, and so on.

[Official website]

Compatible OS: iOS 11.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android OS 6.0 or later *Some devices may not be compatible.
Genre : Social Network
Price : Basically free (some items are charged)
Languages supported: English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional)

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