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Pokekoro” collaborates with “KEITAMARUYAMA”! 〜KEITAMARUYAMA, which focuses on high-quality creations, chose “Pocketcoro” for a number of reasons.

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Pokekoro" collaborates with "KEITAMARUYAMA"! 〜KEITAMARUYAMA, which focuses on high-quality creations, chose "Pocketcoro" for a number of reasons.
〜KEITAMARUYAMA "" focuses on high-quality creations, chose " Pokecolo " for a number of reasons.

Cocone Corporation Tokyo office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yosuke Tomita) will collaborate with fashion designer Keita Maruyama’s fashion brand ” Keitamaruyama” for the character dress-up application ” Pokecolo ” from May 16, 2020. The collaboration will begin on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Cocone is the No. 1 leading avatar app company in Japan. (Based on App Annie’s 2016 ” App Summary Report ” )

We are pleased to announce the first collaboration with a high brand for ” Pokecolo ” a character dress-up application enjoyed by more than 10 million women.

The collaboration partner this time is Keita Maruyama’s brand ” KEITAMARUYAMA” ( ), which is well known for its work on costumes for famous artists and movies.

In order to bring the world of “KETIAMARUYAMA ” to more women, actual brand items will appear as fashion items in ” Pokecolo “.

We hope you will enjoy the world of ” KEITAMARUYAMA ” in the world of ” Pokecolo ” as well.

■Why did ” KEITAMARUYAMA”, a high brand that focuses on high-quality creations ” choose to collaborate with ” Pokecolo “?

Keita Maruyama, designer of ” KEITAMARUYAMA ” is a leading figure in the Japanese fashion industry.

Recently, the entry of fashion brands into the digital avatar world has been hotly anticipated, with the announcement of collaborations with Marc Jacobs ” Valentino ” Nintendo’s “Atsumare Animal Crossing.

Mr. Maruyama had the following to say about his collaboration with ” Pokecolo “.

I design fashion because I want to express fantasy, but in the first place, design is not only about what you can wear. I believe that fashion designers design not only fashion, but also interiors and other spaces, or what we call “worldviews.

I feel that digital worlds such as ” Pokecolo ” offer more freedom, more freedom to express fantasy rather than realistic clothing, with dancing flower petals, dripping drops, and so on.

Of course, customers can also choose clothes that they would not be able to choose for themselves in their daily lives, but in the world of ” Pokecolo,” they can choose purely on the basis of whether they like the clothes or not.

We had a lot of fun working on this project, both for the designers and for the clients, to see how far we could go in expressing ourselves with a high degree of freedom.”

The charismatic editor who made this collaboration possible, Sayumi Gunji (Sayumi Gunji), also commented as follows

Keita Maruyama and Ayumi Gunji.

I thought ” Pokecolo ” and ” KEITAMARUYAMA ” were a wonderful match as a medium for expressing “fashion” and “sensibility. The fantasy of designer Keita Maruyama is exactly the world that users of ” Pokecolo ” yearn for.

And I believe that the digital field of ” dress-up apps ” will continue to expand greatly as a new possibility for the fashion business.

We are very pleased to release this collaboration as the first of many.”

For the interview between the two commemorating “KEITAMARUYAMA” x ” Pokecolo ” please see this article.

Keita Maruyama and Ayumi Gunji talk about the fashion business without selling clothes.

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

The world view of ” KEITAMARUYAMA ” is one of high brand fashion, usually worn by models with nearly 12 heads. How will it be applied to the three-headed characters in ” Pokecolo “?

Please enjoy the collaboration between “KEITAMARUYAMA ” ” Pokecolo ” designers.

■Outline of Collaboration

▼Collaboration Period

Phase I: Saturday, May 16 – Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Phase 2: Monday, June 22, 2020 – Tuesday, June 30, 2020

▼ [Part 1 ] Contents of Collaboration

No.1] Collaboration gacha with “KEITAMARUYAMA “ is now available.

Pokecolo " collaborated with " KEITAMARUYAMA "! 〜KEITAMARUYAMA "" focuses on high-quality creations, chose " Pokecolo " for a number of reasons.

KEITAMARUYAMA ” brand items are now available as fashion items in ” Pokecolo “.

In addition, after purchasing the collaboration gacha five times, you will receive a ” Special Panda Bag “, an in-app item in the ” Pokecolo ” application.

We believe that this collaboration item can be easily matched with not only “KEITAMARUYAMA ” set-ups, but also with other items already released in ” Pokecolo “, and that you can enjoy various combinations. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the collaboration between ” KEITAMARUYAMA ” ” Pokecolo “.

No.2] ” MODEL CONTEST ” selected by designer Keita Maruyama was held!

From May 16, 2020 (Saturday), we will be accepting applications for certified models for ” Pokecolo ” to coordinate using items from the “KEITAMARUYAMA ” collaboration.

This time, Mr. Keita Maruyama, designer of “KEITAMARUYAMA “, will select the excellent coordination.

The selected coordinates will be posted in mid-June with comments by Keita Maruyama in a notice in ” Pokecolo “.


Keita Maruyama (Designer)

Graduated from Bunka Fashion College.

He made his collection debut in 1994. The collection has been presented on the world stage as well. With the concept of “Clothes to wear on a sunny day, clothes to fill your heart,” he proposes a new mode of elegance. He is also active in a wide range of other fields, including costume production for musicians, actors, and stage productions, as well as brand and event direction. In recent years, he has worked on uniforms for JAL.

2016 Reopened the main store in Aoyama as a concept store “Maruyama Residence”. 2019 The brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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Official website:

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About Sayumi Gunji

Editor. Fashion creative director.

While in college, he studied production with a focus on marketing and tie-ups at Recruit Co.

On the side, he started his career as a writer for Kodansha’s Checkmate.

Upon graduation from college, she worked as a freelance writer in the editorial department of Kodansha’s “ViVi” magazine.

Later, he helped launch the magazine GLAMOROUS.

She joined the current Condé Nast Japan in 2008. As Creative Director, he was involved in the launch and management of VOGUE GIRL.

In 2014, he founded his own company, gumi-gumi Inc.

He is an editorial advisor for Numéro TOKYO, fashion supervisor for the drama ” First Class” (Fuji TV) and movies, fashion supervisor for ” Netflix drama ” Followers,” corporate consultant, commentator for information programs, and a wide range of other activities.

<What is ” Pokecolo “? >

” Pokecolo ” is an application that allows you to create your own star by coordinating your character’s clothes and room. You can enjoy communication with your friends through the characters you have created.

In ” Pokecolo,” you can create your own cute character with a lot of personality, dress it up in your favorite fashion, communicate with your like-minded friends, and enjoy it in many other ways. Even if things don’t go well in your daily life, entering the relaxed world of ” Pokecolo ” is sure to be a relaxing and healing experience! There are many features to connect with your friends, such as the ” BBS ” function that allows you to find people with the same interests, and the ” Nagasomo no hoshi ” function that encourages you when you are going through a hard time. If you are tired of being your “outsider self,” why not find a place where you can be your “real self” in ” Pokecolo “?

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Application Overview

Supported OS: iOS 8.0 and above, Android OS 5.0 and above

Genre: Social network (character dress-up service)

Price: Basically free (some items charged)

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