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Cocone’s “Pokecoro” and CyberAgent’s “Pig Party” Cute dress-up app collaboration campaign launched!

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Pokecolo,” a character dress-up application for iOS and Android provided by Cocone Corporation (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Tomita), will collaborate with CyberAgent, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Susumu Fujita; TSE Listing: 4751) will collaborate with “Pig Party”, an application for iOS and Android, from August 15 (Saturday) to September 5 (Saturday), 2020.

In this collaboration campaign, users will receive limited items and other prizes by downloading the applications via the announcements in ” Pokecolo ” or “Pig Party” and completing the missions in each application during the period of the event.

Kokone's " Pokecolo " and CyberAgent's "Pig Party" Cute dress-up app collaboration campaign launched!

The limited items that can be obtained by clearing missions are items specially written for this campaign for both ” Pokecolo ” and “Pig Party”. To commemorate the collaboration, the items are a set with a sporty taste and real clothes style, incorporating the names of both applications.

In addition to the limited items, by clearing missions, you can get “Donna” and “Gacha tickets” for use in ” Pokecolo and “Rico” and “Gacha tickets” for use in “Pig Party”. and gacha tickets for use in “Pig Party” are also available.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy both ” Pokecolo ” and “Pig Party”.

<Collaboration Campaign Outline>.

Period: August 15, 2020 (Sat) 12:00 – September 5, 2020 (Sat) 23:59

*For details on the conditions of the item gift, please refer to the notices in each application.

■Contents of the collaborative gifts in ” Pokecolo ” (conditions and prizes)

  • Install “Pig Party
    →800 “Donna” to be used in ” Pokecolo
  • Complete all of Dr. Pokejiri’s invitation quests in “Pig Party
    →2 “Gacha tickets” that can be used in ” Pokecolo
  • Clear all Pokékoro Collaboration limited quests in “Pig Party”.
    →Limited edition “Codeset” that can be used in ” Pokecolo “.

■Contents (conditions and prizes) of the collaboration gift in “Pig Party”.

  • Install ” Pokecolo
    →1,000 “Rico” for use in “Pig Party
  • Complete the Pig Party Collaboration Limited Quest after your first lesson in Pokecolo.
    →2 “After-school return trip” tickets to be used in “Pig Party”. Gacha ticket” 2 pieces
  • Complete the limited quests given by Claire in Pokecolo.
    →Limited edition “Codeset” for use in “Pig Party”.

<What is a “Pig Party”? > >

Pig Party ” is a new type of “chatting application” that allows users to communicate live with their friends “” kisekae” (dress-up) “” ” (makeover) using their favorite pigs (avatars).

Tens of thousands of items, from the latest fashion trends to stuffed animals!

Title: Pig Party

Genre: Avatar Community

Distribution: App Store, Google Play

Fee: Free for basic play *Some content is available for a fee.

Available from: App Store / August 18, 2015 (Tuesday)

     Google Play / Tuesday, March 24, 2015

App Store: https: //

Google Play: https: //

<What is ” Pokecolo “? >

” Pokecolo ” is an application that allows you to create your own star by coordinating your character’s clothes and room. You can enjoy communication with your friends through the characters you have created.

In ” Pokecolo “, you can create your own cute character with a lot of personality, dress it up in your favorite fashion, communicate with your like-minded friends, and have a lot of other fun. Even if things don’t go well in your daily life, entering the relaxed world of ” Pokecolo ” is sure to be a relaxing and healing experience! There are also many features to connect with friends, such as the ” BBS ” function to find people with the same interests, and the ” Nagasame no hoshi ” function to encourage each other when you are going through a hard time.

Related URL

Official site of ” Pokecolo “:

Official Twitter:

Official Instagram:

App store download:

Google play download: https: //

■Application Overview

Supported OS: iOS 9.0 and above, Android OS 5.0 and above

Genre: Social network (character dress-up service)

Price: Basically free (some items charged)

Copyright:© cocone corporation.

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