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Ms.Sakura Inoue, Ms.Ai Yoshikawa and others appeared in the world’s first Metaverse fashion show!

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The dress-up application “Pokecolo” and “Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 A/W” collaborated!

Pokecolo, a character dress-up application for smartphones provided by Cocone Corporation (Tokyo office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yosuke Tomita; hereinafter “Cocone”), held the world’s first online fashion show on Saturday, September 4, 2021, in collaboration with the “33rd Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER” (hereinafter “Mynavi TGC 2021 A/W), with real models and their Pokecolo avatars walking the runway.

The fashion show featured the celebrity Ms.Sakura Inoue, who cut her trademark thick eyebrows, Ms.Ai Yoshikawa, who was the heroine in the movie “Honey Lemon Soda” released this summer, and popular models Ms.Yuchami (Yuna Furukawa) and Ms.Rina Fukushi. In an unprecedented fusion of digital and fashion, they walked down the runway in perfect time with their avatars in “Pokecolo” to play a major role.

■ Event Report

Real models and avatars sashay down a runway staged with XR effects!

“Mynavi TGC 2021 A/W,” held online as the “Atarashii(new) TGC” that accelerates DX. The 10th anniversary collaboration project with “Pokecolo,” which is a part of the new attempt, starts with a special video produced only for this event.

The first look of the fashion show was Ms.Ai Yoshikawa and her avatar, dressed in a gorgeous leopard print coat and hat from “ANNA SUI”. Ms.Ai Yoshikawa looked very stylish as she walked briskly with a cool expression on her face while smiling from time to time. At the top of the runway, she made eye contact and posed loosely with her avatar, who was wearing a matching outfit.

Event Report

Ms.Sakura Inoue and her avatar, also from “ANNA SUI,” appeared in a fake cowhide one-piece dress with a gothic look, and Ms.Sakura Inoue, who was making her first appearance at TGC, had trained for this day by walking on her own. She struck several cute poses and enjoyed her first time on stage while waving to her avatar.

Event Report

The brand scene changed to ” KEITA MARUYAMA,” and next up was Ms.Rina Fukushi in a black tulle dress adorned with colorful stars. With a bunny-eared catsuit and chic yet cute styling, she gracefully fluttered her skirt, fully expressing the charm of her avatar and her coordinator.

Event Report

Last was Ms.Yuchami (Yuna Furukawa) in a bare-top dress with natural flowers scattered all over her body, showing a cute figure that was different from her previous gal impression. This was Ms.Yuchami’s (Yuna Furukawa) first appearance at TGC, and she appeared with a dignified and serious look on her face, but on the runway top she showed her usual energetic smile.

Event Report

In addition, three-dimensional logos and items of each brand were constantly floating in the air during the show for each brand scene. XR effects were performed on models and avatars at the top of the runway.

During the talk session after the fashion show, all the performers took the stage and were asked by EXIT and Ms.Reina Sumi, the main MCs of “Mynavi TGC 2021 A/W,” about their impressions of walking the runway with their avatars, and each commented. Ms.Ai Yoshikawa said, “I was so happy to walk with my avatar! Ms.Sakura Inoue, who was making her first appearance at TGC, said, “I’m so happy! It’s like a dream! “Her excitement did not seem to cool down during the talk session.

At the end of the show, there was a “screenshot time” for viewers to take pictures of the screen, and the performers and their avatars struck a wonderful pose to conclude the world’s first collaborative fashion show.

■Talk Session Comments
– This time, avatars from “Pokecolo” came to visit us on stage at TGC, making it the world’s first fashion show that fused the digital and real worlds. How was it walking with your avatar?
< Ms.Ai Yoshikawa >
“I was very nervous, but the clothes by ANNA SUI were really cute and I was so happy to walk the runway with my avatar! “

– This show was also a collaboration with “ANNA SUI” and “KEITA MARUYAMA,” brands that are popular both in Japan and abroad. Avatar fashion is attracting attention worldwide. How do you feel about it as Ms.Rina Fukushi, who is also active in the overseas collection scene?
< Ms.Rina Fukushi >
“Nowadays, even in Paris, collections are being presented on VR and world-famous brands are participating in avatar fashion, and I am very honored to participate in the world’s first show where avatar and real life are fused together. “

– How was it for Ms.Sakura Inoue and Ms.Yuchami (Yuna Furukawa), who were making their first appearance at TGC?
<Ms.Sakura Inoue>
“(To be in TGC) was my dream! I’m so happy! (It’s (really) a dream come true!”
<Ms.Yuchami (Yuna Furukawa) >
“Yes! This is my first time to perform at TGC! I practiced a lot walking, but I was so nervous that I didn’t understand what it meant (laughs).”

Outline of ” The 33rd Mynabi TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER”
[ Date and Time ] Saturday, September 4, 2021, 1:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
[ Destination ] TGC official LINE account, TGC official YouTube channel *Re-live streaming
[ Official website]

<Outline of “Pokecolo” collaboration fashion show>

[Speakers] Ms.Ai Yoshikawa, Ms.Sakura Inoue, Ms.Rina Fukushi, Ms.Yuchami (Yuna Furukawa)
Order of appearance at the fashion show

About “Tokyo Girls Collection”
One of the largest fashion festivals ever held, this biannual event has been held since August 2005 under the theme of ” Japanese Girls’ Culture to the World “. The event features a total of approximately 100 of Japan’s most popular models, fashion shows that showcase Japan’s real clothes, live music performances by gorgeous artists, special stages with many seasonal guests, and booths where you can touch and try on the hottest items. The event has become a hot topic both in Japan and abroad for its rich variety of content.

About ” Pokecolo “
An application to create your own star by coordinating the character’s clothes and room. You can enjoy communicating with your friends through the characters you have created. Entering the relaxed world of ” Pokecolo ” is sure to be a relaxing and healing experience! There are many functions to connect with friends, such as the ” bulletin board ” that allows you to find people with the same interests, and the ” nagusame no hoshi ” that encourages you when you are going through a hard time. ” Pokecolo ” has also been working with world-famous fashion brands for some time, and continues to create new value for fashion items in the digital world.

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About ” ANNA SUI “
In 1980, Anna Sui established her eponymous brand. ANNA SUI was born in Detroit, USA in 1955. She was born into a Chinese-American family. She has loved rock music and pop culture since she was a child, which still influences her fashion to this day. Her designs are feminine and romantic, yet infused with the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, and are strongly influenced by the New York punk scene of the 1970s.

[ Official website]
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Keita Maruyama (Designer). Graduated from Bunka Fashion College.
He made his collection debut in 1994. The collection has been presented on the world stage as well. With the concept of “Clothes to wear on a sunny day, clothes to fill your heart,” he proposes a new mode of elegance. He is also active in a wide range of other fields, including costume production for musicians, actors, and stage productions, as well as brand and event direction. In 2016, the Aoyama main store was reopened as the concept store “Maruyama Residence”. The brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019.

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Application Overview
・Supported OS : iOS 8.0 and above, Android OS 5.0 and above [Copyright © cocone corporation].
・Genre : Social network (character dress-up service)
・Price : Basically free (some items charged)

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