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Large PR board for “Pokecolo” with 668 avatars is unveiled in Shibuya!

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Cocone Corporation (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Yosuke Tomita, President; hereinafter “Cocone”) will begin displaying a large PR board created together with customers for the “Pokecolo” avatar application in the concourse on the first basement floor of Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line on Monday, March 28, 2022. The advertisement design is based on screenshots of 668 avatars that customers have coordinated in the app, and expresses the variety of the digital world that is the charm of “Pokecolo.

Large PR board for "Pokecolo" with 668 avatars is unveiled in Shibuya!

■ ” 668 avatars” and the customer’s thoughts on “Pokecolo” are advertised!

The design of this large-scale advertisement, which celebrates the 10.5 year anniversary of “Pokecolo,” loved by more than 20 million customers, is based on screenshots of customers’ favorite avatars that were solicited in the application and on Twitter this past February. The 668 colorful avatars selected from numerous submissions are arranged in a visible gradation of colors and shades. The theme of the design is “the breadth of the world of Pokecolo” and “the connection among customers” through the various avatar fashions of Pokecolo.

In addition, each avatar’s photo includes a message from the customer about their “favorite part of Pokecolo. The result is a display of the customer’s thoughts on “Pokecolo,” which has been in service for more than 10 years, and which catches the attention of people using Shibuya Station.

■ " 668 avatars" and the customer's thoughts on "Pokecolo" are advertised!

*The images are excerpts from the PR board design.

<Outline of the large PR board commemorating the 10.5 anniversary of Pokecolo
[ Posting Period ] March 28 (Monday) – April 3 (Sunday), 2022
Location】Tokyu Denentoshi Line Shibuya Station, Dogenzaka Happy Board (B1F, near Exit A0 and A1)
*Please do not contact the station or station staff.

About ” Pokecolo “

An application to create your own star by coordinating the character’s clothes and room. You can enjoy communicating with your friends through the characters you have created. Entering the relaxed world of ” Pokecolo ” is sure to be a relaxing and healing experience! There are many functions to connect with friends, such as the ” bulletin board ” that allows you to find people with the same interests, and the ” nagusame no hoshi ” that encourages you when you are going through a hard time. ” Pokecolo ” has also been working with world-famous fashion brands for some time, and continues to create new value for fashion items in the digital world.

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Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch / Android: 6.0 or later
・Genre : Social network (character dress-up service)
・Price : Basically free (some items charged)
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About Cocone Corporation

Cocone has released “Pokecolo”, a character dress-up application for smartphones, “Pokecolo Twin”, which allows users to enjoy twins’ coordination, and “Pokepia”, which allows users to dress up 3D characters as part of the “Pokecolo” series. In 2021, we will release “Livly Island,” a web browser application for smartphones, which was loved by many people in the past. Cocone provides digital content based on social networks, mainly “social services to decorate and enjoy” and “games with a decorating element,” which have “Character” and “Coordinating” elements and can be “Played. These are services that have “Character”, “Coordinating” elements, and can be “Played”. Cocone has pioneered this genre, which we define as ” CCP (Character Coordinating Play). By combining our experience in avatar development and community management with the latest technology through the development of blockchain technology and the operation of the NFT marketplace “cobalt,” which is being developed by a group company, Cocone is creating a digital world and metaverse where people can give form to their “sensibilities,” which is Cocone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality, based on the existing CCP service. We are building a digital world, a metaverse space, where people can give shape to their “sensibility”, which is Kokone’s forte, rather than convenience and functionality.

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