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A total of more than 100 different LIVELYs welcome you to the store! Limited-time POP UP store for the avatar app “Lively Island”, accepting reservations for admission starting May 30 (Mon.)!

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Cocone Corporation (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “Cocone”) will open its first POP UP store for “Livly Island,” an avatar application for living with a mysterious pet, in Shibuya for a limited time starting on Saturday, June 18. The company also announces that it will start accepting reservations for admission to the store today, May 30 (Mon.).

A total of more than 100 different LIVELYs welcome you to the store! Limited-time POP UP store for the avatar app "Livly Island" opens for reservations for admission on Monday, May 30!

About “Livly Island

Cocone renewed the PC browser version (2003 – service ended in 2019), which was loved by more than 1 million customers, for smartphones in July 2021, and newly started distributing this nurturing communication application. Since its release, the unique worldview and character design have been the talk of the town, and it has received high acclaim from many quarters, winning the “Google Play Best of 2021” Grand Prize in the “Entertainment Category” and the Top 5 in the “User Voted Category AppliCategory.

POP UP store surrounded by classic liveries and monoliveries!

The first “Livly Island” POP UP store, celebrating its 20th anniversary*, will cover the walls of the store with a total of more than 100 different Livlys, including classic Livlys (Livlys that appeared in the PC browser version). The store will also display never-before-seen production notes and other materials that will be irresistible to LIVELY fans who have been playing the PC browser version of the game.
At the store, visitors will be able to purchase limited-edition merchandise (11 types/34 items in total) featuring the original logo and key visuals commemorating the 20th anniversary. For customers who cannot visit the store, a limited-time e-commerce site will also be available for purchase of the same goods sold in the store. Details of the goods for sale will be announced on the official Livly Island Twitter (@newLivlyIsland) and in-app announcements as they become available.
Admission to the “Livly Island” POP UP Store is by “advance admission reservation only” and requires an advance application (first-come-first-served basis) at the dedicated reception site.
*Total from PC browser version (2003-2019, service ended)

■Outline of “”Livly Island” POP UP Store

  • [ Place ] Shibuya “n_space” (KN Building, 13-9 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
  • Dates] June 18 (Sat.) – June 26 (Sun.), 2022 [Hours] 11:00 – 19:00
  • [Admission reservations accepted ]
    [ Reservation Period ] May 30, 2022 (Monday) – June 16, 2022 (Thursday) 23:59
  • [ Admission ] Free

*Registration as a ” Ticket Board ” member (free of charge) is required to apply for admission reservations.
*To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we have set a limit on the number of people who can reserve admission.
*Please note that reservations for visits will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
*If there is space available, you may be able to enter on the day of the event without a reservation.
In order to reduce congestion in the exhibition hall, visitors who proceed to the sales area will not be able to return to the exhibition area. Please understand this in advance.
*Reservations for admission do not guarantee the purchase of merchandise.
*Please note that the POP UP store may be postponed or cancelled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
<List of products for sale
The image is a sample. It may differ from the actual product.

<List of products for sale
  • Acrylic key chains (18 types) ” 750 yen each (tax included)
  • Original tape ” 650 yen (tax included)
  • Die-cut sticker set of 5 (total 4 kinds) ” 750 yen each (tax included)
  • Original “Notebook-type phone cover” 2,400 yen (tax included)
  • Mug cups (2 types) ” 1,700 yen each (tax included)
  • T-shirts (2 types) ” 2,700 yen each (tax included)
  • Lip cream (2 types) ” 750 yen each (tax included)
  • Original pouch ” 1,900 yen (tax included)
  • Canvas tote bag ” 2,600 yen (tax included)
  • Postcard Set (12 cards) ” 1,600 yen (tax included)
  • Imabari hand towel ” 1,700 yen (tax included)

Customers who purchase products at the POP UP store will receive an original shopper on a first-come, first-served basis!

Customers who purchase products at the POP UP store will receive an original shopper on a first-come, first-served basis!

*Please note that the number of tickets is limited.
*One of the shoppers will be given as a gift.

■ “Lively’s 20th Anniversary Project

A special website to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Livly Island” is now available. The site will be updated with the latest information on “Lively’s 20th Anniversary 20 Celebrations Plan” as well as various other Lively-related content as needed.

[Livly’s 20th Anniversary Web site]

About “Livly Island,” a boxyard application for living with mysterious pets

This is a communication service for raising mysterious pets born from alchemy called Livly. You can take care of Livly by communicating with your alter ego “Hom”, enjoy changing Hom’s clothes, grow trees that grow on the island and harvest nuts to make a transformation medicine to another Livly species…enjoy your life with Livly on a small island.

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Compatible OS: iOS 11.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android OS 6.0 or later *Some devices may not be compatible.
Genre : Social Network
Price : Basically free (some items are charged)
Languages supported: English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional)
[Copyright] © cocone corporation

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