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Collaboration with Virtual TGC, the official metaverse of Tokyo Girls Collection, and Cocone, the world’s top avatar application provider!

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Cocone Corporation (“Cocone”), a provider of avatar services loved by more than 130 million customers worldwide, will collaborate with Virtual TGC, the official TGC meta-verse that fully recreates the world of Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC), the largest fashion festival in history. The collaboration will begin on August 26 (Friday). We are pleased to announce that Cocone will have a collaboration booth in this metaverse, and that we will jointly work on special projects to be held in the avatar dress-up applications “Pokecolo” and “Pokecolo Twin”.

Collaboration with Tokyo Girls Collection's official metaverse " Virtual TGC " and Cocone, the world's top avatar application provider!

Collaboration contents in “Pokecolo” application

Enjoy TGC in the Metaverse! About ” Virtual TGC “, the official TGC metaverse

Virtual TGC” is a 3D virtual space that fully recreates the world of TGC, including the fashion shows, the excitement of the live artist performances, and booths where you can touch and try the hottest items. It is a “Metaverse App. In addition, a variety of content that “may be more fun than in real life” will be added, including attractions and special events that are unique to the virtual space. In addition, users can also participate in the “35th Minabi Tokyo Girls Collection 2022 AUTUMN/WINTER” to be held on September 3, 2022 (Saturday) in the same metaverse.

Collaboration booth exhibit at “Virtual TGC” and collaboration train service begins!

This will be the second collaboration between Cocone and TGC. Last fall, the world’s first metaverse fashion show with real ✖️ avatars was held at the “33rd Minabi Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER”. This year’s event will be more focused on the digital world, with a collaboration with the official TGC metaverse “Virtual TGC,” further boosting the digital fashion that is gaining attention.

① A booth for the “Pokecolo” series was exhibited in the official TGC metaverse “Virtual TGC!

The collaboration booth with Cocone at the “Virtual TGC” will feature pop-ups and video monitors depicting the “Pokecolo” series, as well as a photo booth. In addition, everyone who fills out a questionnaire that can be applied from within the booth will receive a limited-edition item to wear at the “Virtual TGC.

Image of the "Pokecolo" series booth exhibit at the Tokyo Girls Collection Metaverse "Virtual TGC

(2) “Kokone Train” appears at the “Virtual TGC!

The “Virtual TGC” has a train that circles the world, and for this collaborative project, the train will be wrapped in Cocone’s specifications.

Cocone train" wrapped in Cocone specs running in the Tokyo Girls Collection metaverse "Virtual TGC" world

Virtual TGC” collaboration contents appear in the “Pokecolo” and “Pokecolo Twin” applications!

The collaboration event will be held not only in “Virtual TGC” but also in the “Pokecolo” and “Pokecolo Twin” applications, where users can enjoy their avatar life in the digital world. A TGC collaboration version will appear in the avatar screencast content of each application. Each of the avatars is designed to look like the runway of TGC, so you can enjoy the fashion show of your avatar with your friends anytime, anywhere.

Collaboration runway booth with Tokyo Girls Collection metaverse "Virtual TGC" in "Pokecolo" and "Pokecolo Twin

▲ ” Runway-style design room ” / “Pokecolo

Collaboration runway booth with Tokyo Girls Collection metaverse "Virtual TGC" in "Pokecolo" and "Pokecolo Twin

▲ ” Runway-style photo booth ” / “Pokecolo Twin

About Pokecolo

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, this avatar dress-up application loved by more than 20 million customers allows users to express themselves in a kawaii world by coordinating fashion with over 70,000 items and decorating their rooms and stars. You can also communicate with your friends, dress up your pets, and hold various events every month.

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About “Pokecolo Twin

This is a new avatar application that allows users to enjoy dressing up their two avatars, Cocolon, in cute outfits. 10 years after Pokecolo was developed with a wide variety of functions, we have selected the core functions and released this new avatar application to simply enjoy dressing up avatars and rooms. By increasing the number of avatars for two people to dress up, users can play with a wider range of expressions.

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<Outline of “Pokecolo” and “Pokecolo Twin
Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch / Android 6.0 or later
Genre: Social Network
Price: Basically free (some items charged)
[Copyright] © cocone corporation

About ” Virtual TGC “, the official TGC metaverse

Users can participate in a fashion metaverse based on TGC in their avatar of choice, watch live fashion shows and other events, and experience booths and various attractions. TGC is not only a platform to enjoy TGC online, but also to create an “Atarashii TGC” as a fashion metaverse while linking up with the real event TGC. It may be more fun than the real thing.” An unprecedented festival for atarashii girls in a virtual space is now underway.

[ Virtual TGC official website ]

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