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Pokecolo” celebrates its 11th anniversary with a campaign!

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~ Up to 2,354 donas, up to 6 gacha coupons, plus exclusive QUO cards! ~~

Cocone Corporation (“Cocone”) will launch a commemorative campaign on September 1, 2022 (Thursday) to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the launch of “Pokecolo,” an application for smartphones that allows users to dress up their avatars and communicate with other users. The campaign will begin on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Pokecolo 11th Anniversary Campaign

Thanks to your support, Donna celebrates its 11th anniversary! Campaign for Donna, limited items, and QUO cards!

Pokecolo” will celebrate its 11th anniversary this year since its service launch in 2011, and will hold a commemorative campaign to express its gratitude for all the support it has received and to give away luxurious items. The campaign includes a login bonus that offers Donna and limited fashion items, a Twitter campaign to win a originally designed QUO card worth 3,000 yen, a welcome back bonus that offers gorgeous bonuses to customers returning to the game, and much more.

[ 11th anniversary video ].

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<List of 11th Anniversary Campaigns

⓵ 11th Anniversary Login Bonus

By logging in for 10 days during this period, you can earn items such as ” Donna ” and ” Gacha Ticket “. Note that the login bonus event will be held twice. The first half of the event, on the 10th day of login, will give the items “1111 Donna” and “11th Glitter Hairpin”, while the second half will give the items “1111 Donna” and “11th Heart Mask”.

[First half] Thursday, September 1, 18:00 – Wednesday, September 14, 23:59
[Second half] Saturday, September 17, 18:00 – Friday, September 30, 23:59

Login Bonus for "Pokecolo" 11th Anniversary Campaign
Image of the login bonus for the 11th anniversary campaign of " Pokecolo

Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign: 11 winners will win an original QUO card worth 3,000 yen!

Eleven people who follow the official Twitter account of “Pokecolo” (@pokecolo_jp) and retweet the campaign tweets will win a “Pokecolo Original Design QUO Card worth 3,000 yen” in a drawing.

[ Application Period ] Thursday, September 1, 18:00 – Thursday, September 8, 23:59
[ Twitter ]

Follow and retweet campaign to celebrate the 11th anniversary of " Pokecolo

(3) Update the benefits of the application’s SNS linkage!

The Pokecolo series YouTube channel “PokeSTUDIO” will be added to the list of official SNS linkup rewards for Pokecolo after the update on Wednesday, August 31. You will receive ” 200 Donna ” for registering on the channel.

[ YouTube]

Special offers for Pokecolo's 11th anniversary campaign
Special offers for Pokecolo's 11th anniversary campaign
Special offers for Pokecolo's 11th anniversary campaign

4) Welcome Back! Welcome Back Bonus

During the period, customers who come to “Pokecolo” for the first time in a while will receive ” 3 1-day gacha tickets ” and ” 2,000 donas “.

[ Period ] Until 23:59, September 30 (Fri.)

Collaboration with “Virtual TGC,” the official Tokyo Girls Collection metaverse, is underway!

Since August 26, 2022 (Friday), Cocone has been collaborating with “Virtual TGC,” the official TGC metaverse that fully recreates the world of Tokyo Girls Collection (hereinafter “TGC”), one of the largest fashion festivals in history. In addition to the collaboration booth of the Pokecolo series in this metaverse, we are also working together on special projects in the “Pokecolo” and “Pokecolo Twin” applications.

About Pokecolo

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, this avatar dress-up application loved by more than 20 million customers allows users to express themselves in a kawaii world by coordinating fashion with over 70,000 items and decorating their rooms and stars. You can also communicate with your friends, dress up your pets, and hold various events every month.

[ Official website]
[ Twitter ]
[ Instagram]
[ YouTube]

<Overview of the ” Pokecolo application
Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch / Android 6.0 or later
Genre : Social Network
Price : Basically free (some items charged)

[Copyright] © cocone corporation

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