Empowering everyone to invent themselvesin our boundless world.

Empowering everyone to invent themselves
in our boundless world.

In the ever-expanding digital world,
we have created a place where we can express and share our formless emotions.

We are in an age where this digital world can have more importance than our own world.

It is not just technology that drives us,
but our emotions and desires that we all hold as human beings.
The things we love, the things we value, and the things we want to achieve.

This is why we put those emotions at the center of everything we do,
and continue to strive to create new value.

Together with all those who enjoy emotions.

The cocone group, primarily through the cocone corporation, is strengthening its collaboration with group companies around the world in areas such as blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, avatars,
and education, while harnessing the power of feelings and emotions.