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Remote Initiation Ceremony Held! CEO’s Congratulatory Message to the Native Generation of Remote Workers

Remote Initiation Ceremony Held! CEO's Congratulatory Message to the Native Generation of Remote Workers

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On April 22, an induction ceremony was held for new employees who joined the company in 2020.

The ceremony was unprecedented in that it was held in a remote environment with more than 100 employees watching the ceremony.

  • Congratulatory Message from Representative Director
  • Congratulations and words of encouragement from the entire board
  • Self-introduction of new employees
  • Announcement of assignment, etc.

Now that the world has become a place that we could not have anticipated a year ago, or even a few months ago, I would rather introduce a congratulatory message from President Tomita on how we should face this situation.

What Changes and What Remains the Same

Congratulations on joining the company.
While the year 2020 is a milestone year

  • No more graduation ceremony, no more graduation trip.
  • The initiation ceremony was also postponed and will be held remotely.
  • Work remotely immediately after joining the company.
  • Welcome party is a remote drinking party

You may be very disappointed.
However, this experience is hard to change.
If I jokingly say, ” I got my job that year!” is a year of employment that will still be valid 50 years from now.
In all seriousness, you are the first generation of remote work natives.
It’s possible that the “how to give a business card” that may be taught in the training that follows may never be used.
Past business books and what you learned in school may not work.

The world has changed.

Before and after Corona, the values and ways of doing things in the world have changed dramatically.
This is the start of the timing for all of you.
So we have the advantage of understanding the post-Corona era as “common sense” as we breathe.
No more drinking? That is no longer the case.
Learn alongside your seniors. That may no longer be possible.
In the future, we need to grow in a completely different way.
I will have fewer opportunities to go abroad myself.
However, globalization will accelerate.
This year’s new graduates include engineers from Korea and China.
Working colleagues will be more and more open to any location and nationality.
You all moved here during a transitional period, but your friends and rivals are ” not the only ones who can work in Tokyo.”

Among them, the one thing that remains the same

There are so many examples of things that can change.
However, even as things continue to change, some things remain the same.
It is a human feeling.
The love of pretty things.
The willingness to be oneself.
To be kind to others and be encouraged to live strong.
Whether in the Renaissance or the Heian period of the Tale of Genji, what remains the same is the essence of human nature, the heart and feelings.
What Cocone delivers to its customers is “the heart in a digital world” Cocone’s mission is exactly that: “to give form to sensibility.

Be a star to inspire women around the world

We will be spending more and more time in the online virtual world.
It is very rewarding and is truly the job of the future.
Your job is not to design or to program.
To be a ” star of the digital world ” that inspires and attracts the admiration of women around the world.

Let’s face this difficulty in a gentle, lovely and very creative way!

First year in the workforce. First year remote native.
Everything taught by seniors may not be correct.
But the nature of the work remains the same.
The nature of people is no different.
It is to impress our customers.

The original experience in the digital world is the clue to the future.

I hope that you will be able to experience the excitement and stimulation, sometimes frustration and anxiety, and sometimes ingenuity, gratitude, and hope that you experience online every day.
Everything you experience in the digital world, the original experience, is a hint for the future.
We hope you will give form to your feelings and deliver them to your customers.
The world changes, but let us look at the essence = the human heart, which does not change amidst it.
Look to the future rather than your immediate concerns.
Welcome to Cocone, a group of creators aiming to create the most wonderful digital world in Japan.
We are very excited to have you join us at the dawn of a new era!

Since our establishment, we have always been committed to ” Sensitivity in form. Bringing sensibility closer to you. We will continue to create services that will impress our customers.

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