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The first half of the year’s delivery meeting is like a broadcasting station!

The first half of the year's delivery meeting is like a broadcasting station!

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The first half of the year 2020 is quickly coming to an end, and we at Cocone Corporation held our first half year end meeting.
It has been two months since we moved to our current Sangenjaya office on April 20.
The new company building is located in a place where one can feel the breath of the surrounding city, and we are very much looking forward to growing here in the future.
It would have been nice if all members could have gathered to review the first half of 2020 together…. In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission to members, their families, and others around them, we have decided to mainly broadcast the first half of this year’s delivery meeting online.

However, the management team had a strong desire to “not just end up with a live broadcast.
With employees working mainly remotely, there were fewer opportunities for them to see each other, and they were not able to have a party or launch party. We gathered the strengths of our top engineers and sound team in order to convey the company’s thoughts and feelings to our employees in a fun way.
The lighting and greenbacks are borrowed from the division that distributes the video, the sound team is transformed into sound engineers, and the development team and the team in charge of the in-house infrastructure arrange the broadcast.
And then the show.
The stage for Cocone’s upper-term delivery ceremony was synthesized on a green background!

In the first half of the meeting, participants reviewed the first half of the year and shared their plans for the second half.
In the latter half of the meeting, an award ceremony was held to recognize members and projects whose hard work was particularly noteworthy, regardless of the sudden start of remote work.

President Tomita addresses the audience at the beginning of the meeting.

The first half of 2020 was a period of unexpected change due to the corona outbreak.
Each division manager spoke about the growth of each team, the changes that took place, and his or her thoughts for the second half of the fiscal year starting in July.

Confirming settings before the live broadcast
Left: Sound team in charge of sound; top right: camera for relay; bottom right: top engineer doing screen compositing.

At the awards ceremony, the Rookie of the Year Award, MVP, Process Award, and other awards were announced, and all nominees appeared on stage.
The draft beer servers were opened from the beginning of the barn party, and in the latter half of the event, some of the award winners appeared tipsy and happy. I hope this fun feeling was conveyed to the members at home and in other offices through the screen.
While praising their efforts, I hope that together we were able to celebrate the first half of the year 2020, a time of great social change.

Award-winning scenes are also glamorously presented.

The second half of 2020 will finally begin.
In the second half of the year, we would like to coexist with the surrounding community in our new office in Sangenjaya and build a better company here.
We will also devote ourselves to making each service we deliver to our customers even more enjoyable and delightful.

Although the emergency declaration and Tokyo Alert have been lifted, the situation still remains unpredictable.
We at Cocone would like to express our deepest respect and gratitude to the healthcare professionals and many others involved, and we will continue our efforts to prevent the spread of infection.

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