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What is the ” Cocone Wellness Diary, ” a health diary for working women?

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What is the " Cocone Wellness Diary, " a health diary for working women?

Since approximately 60% of Cocone’s employees are women, the company has created a unique “childcare free time” program for childcare, and has also implemented measures to maintain and improve the health of its employees, who are called “health professionals.

In conjunction with the implementation of remote working at Corona Disaster, online lessons by health professionals have been provided, but in order to raise the health awareness of each employee, a health handbook called the “Cocone Wellness Diary” was created to cover information on the health and physical condition of women, which is common among employees, We also created a health handbook called the “Kokone Wellness Diary,” which covers information on women’s health and physical condition, which is common among employees, and distributed it to all employees.

We asked Cocone’s health professionals why they decided to produce and distribute this health handbook.

Why did you decide to produce it?

Until now, the image of a Cocone health professional as someone who teaches exercise has been strong, but we wanted to create an opportunity to raise health awareness and increase the number of people who practice health management related to improving their daily performance, not just exercise, but also nutrition, sleep, women’s health, and other issues, while disseminating information. I wanted to increase the number of people who can practice health management to improve their daily performance.

■ How was the production process?

Although 60% of Cocone’s employees are women, we felt that despite this, there was a lack of mutual understanding of women’s specific symptoms, a lack of understanding of what happens to their own bodies in the first place, and a lack of awareness of health management.
This was because even though there was a gym in the company, few women used it, while on the other hand, there were people who were absent every day due to health problems.
In general, Japanese women have a strong desire to be thin, and as a result of repeated wrong dieting, they have a body that is easily chilled and has difficulty conceiving.
In this age of information overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine what is correct information.
The first step in the creation of this handbook was to simply say, “Let’s take an interest in our bodies and learn the basics.
This project itself was something I had always wanted to do even before I joined the company, and I am happy that it was realized with the support of various people.

■What are you aiming for?

As a member of society, it is essential to take care of one’s health, but it is not just a matter of ” not catching a cold,” but for women, dealing with monthly menstruation also greatly affects their daily performance.
Some may think that this is something that they cannot control and that it can’t be helped, but by adopting habits that are good for one’s body one by one, it is possible to improve menstruation-related problems as a result.
In addition, since many women in Cocone are in their 20s and 30s, I believe that many of them will change life stages, such as marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth, while working at Cocone. In this context, we hope to convey at the same time that if they wish to become pregnant in the future, it is never too early to prepare for such things as daily health care.
We would like to increase the number of “people who can manage their own health” by using this handbook as one of the opportunities to do so.
We would like to support more people to be able to work with peace of mind, so that they can achieve both career growth and life events at the same time without having to give up.

■What is a Cocone health professional?

Rather than simply being “a member of a gym that employees use as part of their benefits package,” we believe that we are “an important presence that supports the company’s management” and are “a personal trainer for each employee.
Therefore, we believe that we have a mission to lead Cocone as a whole to health, not only for those who are interested in exercise and come to the gym on their own, but also for those who are not interested in exercise at all and do not use the gym at all, without abandoning any of them.
Therefore, it is important to make steady efforts such as daily communication within the company regardless of the gym, sending out information that resonates with those who do not use gyms but want information, and getting introductions from gym visitors and spreading the use of the gym to others.
The timing of becoming health conscious varies from person to person, but we health professionals approach our daily work with the image that if we continue to make such steady efforts, it will resonate with someone and eventually lead to improved performance by all employees.

Cocone will continue to create flexible work styles even in a restrictive environment such as the Corona Disaster, and by maintaining and improving the health and lifestyle of each and every employee, as a result, the company will strive to be a useful and contributing entity to the world.

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