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Shorter work hours, same pay: Childcare Free Time System

If I could go home just an hour earlier, it would be easier for me to pick you up.”

You don’t have to work shorter hours, but many of you would like to finish work just an hour earlier.
Cocone has a ” free time ” system that can solve this problem!

— About the system

This system has been in operation since 2018.
The idea is that those who meet certain requirements will have one hour of free time x the number of weekday workdays in the month.
For this month of December, 21 days x 1 hour = 21 hours of free time.

For example, if you arrive at work at 9:00 a.m. and leave at 5:00 p.m., your actual workday is 7 hours,
If one hour of free time is used, the actual workday is considered eight hours.
It can be used in batches, so you can work four hours in the morning and have the other four hours free, or you can use it in one-minute increments, so you can leave only half an hour early.

*All who are eligible to use the system
Until March 31 of the school year in which the child graduates from elementary school
Only full-time employees who have completed their probationary period

— difference from shortening time

Under the ” work system ” stipulated by the Labor Standards Law, the basic salary and deemed overtime work will be deducted for the shortened hours, resulting in a lower salary amount.
In the “childcare free time “, the base salary and deemed overtime will be paid, so the amount of pay will remain the same.

Of course, it is also possible to choose a ” work system “.
It is one more option for the system and may lead to a little peace of mind.

— Who’s using it?

More than 50% of the eligible population, regardless of gender, is using the program!
Positions vary and include employees in management positions.

The fact that almost 100% of employees return to work after taking childcare leave also shows that Cocone provides an environment in which it is easy to balance work and childcare.

Slightly off topic, but… we also have a support system for those returning to work after childcare leave.
Employees who have experienced a return to work can offer advice, and in-house events are planned where employees who plan to return to work at the same time can get together.
We understand that some people are nervous about returning to work, but we are working to relieve some of the anxiety.

— Introducing employees who actually use “Child Care Free Time”


Leading a 2D design team while raising a child in daycare
8:00 nursery school
8:30 commencement of work(Meeting,design)
16:30-17:00 End of business and pick up(Sometimes she works overtime)

■application of the system

I adjust my working hours and job descriptions by remote work and going to the office, and I use free time for around an hour every day.I think it’s a very easy system to use at the moment.
I think that not only child-rearing free time but also flexible ways of working are the attractions of co-connections.

About the cooperation system in the team
Other members are adding man-hours to the short-term work.
In addition, there are members who work as sub-members, so even if you are not here, the organization is in a state where it works.

Please send a message to those who are thinking about changing jobs.

After maternity leave, I experienced three departments, and every department had a cooperative system for childcare.Also, I have had leadership experience in all three of them, and I think it is a very good place to work.
Since I was a leader before maternity leave, I thought I would no longer be able to have such an experience after returning to work, but with the cooperation of my team members, I am doing a fulfilling job.
If you have a mother who wants to work for Co-Connect, let’s work together!

[Daisuke Okada]

father of a zero-year-old. Server Engineer for “PKCL Twins”, a web3 app launched in November, and Client Engineer for Pokecolo.

For remote work
9:30 start
18:00 End of work to bathe children and feed them
20:30 Remote Work Resume
office day
10:00 start
17:30 termination of business
18:00 Arrived at home, bathed, put to sleep
20:30 Remote Work Resume

cooperative structure
I took a lot of paid leave after my child was born, so I use 8 hours of free time when I have to rest and use it as a vacation.It is also used to interrupt work in order to take a bath for children in the evening.I use it for 5 to 15 hours every month.

About the cooperation system in the team
When the meeting starts in the evening and you can’t go out, other people attend the meeting or adjust the schedule.

■Please send a message to those who are thinking about changing jobs.

I think it’s a good system for raising children because you can use it flexibly within a fixed time.
Also, using this free childcare time does not reduce my salary unlike absenteeism, so it helps me after I have a lot of money.
Of course, raising children is difficult, but I feel that the company helps me a lot.


We introduced the environment and systems that allow you to work as you are and with peace of mind for a long time.

” time” can be used ” the number of scheduled work days per month x 1 hour.
Can be used in 1-minute increments or in batches.
Salaries remain the same.
Used by men and women, regardless of gender, job title, or position.

There are various systems based on the vision of “If you make a good company, good people will come, good services will come, and if you make a good service, customers will gather.”

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